Janet is the daughter of William Cuthbert Balgowan (1808-1887) and Jannet Shand (1810-1880).


Full NameEdit

Janet Balgowan

Name VariationsEdit


Janet Christe


Janet's parents and older brother immigrated as a free persons on the Royal Consort which arrived on 9 November in 1840 at Botany Bay, New South Wales. This was a bounty ship. (State Record Reel 1317.) The ship arrived in Sydney on the 9th of November 1840. It was chartered by the Australian Agricultural Company. It departed on 13th July 1840 from England bound for Sydney. Its weight: 529 tons and the ship's master was John Western.

From the dates the ship was at port and her birth date, she was born on the Royal Consort en route from Port Phillip (colony of Victoria) to Port Jackson (colony of New South Wales)

Janet was christened at St Peters on 24 Feb 1850 in Camden, New South Wales.

William and Janet married at the Balgowan property Dryburgh which is just south of Fish River in New South Wales. The marriage was registered in 1867 in the Binalong District of New South Wales.

Janet and William had a son William J during 1868 in Yass.

Janet and William had a daughter Elizabeth during 1870 in Yass.

Janet and William had a son James Thomas during 1873 in Yass.

Janet and William had a daughter Annie during 1875 in Yass.

Janet and William had a daughter Alice during 1878 in Gunning.

Janet and William had a daughter Louisa during 1882 in Wheeo.

Jessie Balgowan (1840-1913) tombstone


Janet died on 23 Apr 1913, Crookwell at age 72. Her Death was registered in 1913 in Crookwell. She is burried at Crookwell Cemetery.






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