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January 18 is the 18th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 347 days remaining until the end of the year (348 in leap years).

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88 Familypedia people were born on January 18

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Lloyd Leonard Ahlquist (1977)
William George Amos (1843-1900)William Amos (1812-1895)Elizabeth Blanch (1821-1910)
Israel Arnold (1677-1753)Israel Arnold (1649-1718)Mary Barker (1649-1723)
Albert Henry Avard (1864-1920)David Avard (1839-1910)Elizabeth Newton (1841-1890)
Annie Maria Ball (1868-1957)Edward Ball (1834-1877)Ann Dornan (-1921)
John Levi Bankston (1848-1933)Levi Harrison Bankston (1816-1900)Sarah Magee (1821-1900)
Henry Baring (1776-1848)Francis Baring (1740-1810)Harriet Herring (1750-1804)
Elizabeth Bellett (1792-1866)Jacob Bellett (1765-1813)Ann Harper (1772-1842)
Margit Bethlen de Bethlen (1858-1929)Pál Bethlen de Bethlen (1798-1859)Mária Bethlen de Bethlen (1827-1876)
Asa Bigelow (1779-1850)David Bigelow (1732-1820)Patience Foote (1737-1791)
Caroline Laura Jane Bridgeland (1865-1955)Charles Bridgeland (Bef 1850-?)
Elisabeth Brooks (1680-1725)Gersham Brooks (1630-1686)Hannah Eccles (1632-1716)
Dieuwertje Brussé (c1790-1833)Jacobus Brussé (c1768-1813)Adriana Honing (1757-1844)
Charles Richardson Camden (1800-1856)Richard CamdenSarah Aldridge (c1766-1840)
Robert Dunbar Campbell (1818-1895)Samuel Campbell (1783-1866)Elizabeth M Steele (1785-1853)
... further results

100 Familypedia people died on January 18

 FatherMotherAge at death
Byron Harvey Allred (1870-1937)ฺByron Harvey Allred (1847-1912)Phoebe Irene Cook (1852-1913)67
John Ashcroft (c1780-1855)75
Mervyn Everard Alexander Benge (1922-1994)William Reuben Benge (1874-1930)Elizabeth Ida Lillian Clemens (1880-1932)72
Louisa Bigelow (1806-1862)Gershom Bigelow (1768-1847)Mary Howe (1769-1820)56
Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Bingham (1869-1958)Charles George Bingham, 4th Earl of Lucan (1830-1914)Cecilia Catherine Gordon-Lennox (1838-1910)89
Douglas Birrell (1891-1946)Charles George Birrell (1867-1923)Mary Esther Seline Mylecharane (1871-1916)55
Elias Blok (1835-1876)Hendrik Blok (1813-1880)Johanna Pieterse (1813-1857)41
Rosemary Lusia Bowes-Lyon (1915-1989)Fergus Bowes-Lyon (1889-1915)Christian Norah Dawson-Damer (1890-1959)
Alexander Brownlow (1864-1918)John Brownlow (1838-1867)Isabella Fraser (1832-1920)54
John Bruen (1560-1626)John Bruen (1510-1587)Dorothy Holford (1530-1562)
Charlotte Jane Butler (1887-1959)Thomas Butler (c1851-1923)Margaret Spratford (c1860-1910)72
Ádám Bánffy de Losoncz (1776-1859)György Bánffy de Losoncz (1739-1805)Zsuzsanna Wesselényi de Hadad (1743-1800)83
Maria of Portugal (1313-1357)Afonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357)Beatrix of Castile (1293-1359)44
Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367)Afonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357)Beatrix of Castile (1293-1359)47
William George Spencer Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire (1790-1858)William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire (1748-1811)Georgiana Spencer (1757-1806)68
... further results

88 Familypedia people were first married on January 18

 FatherMotherJoined with
Elisabeth Joannis (1645-)JoannisJoannes Schoenmaker (1643-)
Lijsbeth Remberts (1707-1748)Rembert Jansz (1678-)Agnes Schuijf (1676-)Pieter Schoenmaker (1713-1784)
Elizabeth Aldridge (1818-1890)William Aldridge (1772-1832)Kezia Smith (1798-1870)James Henry Blackman (1816-1855)+John Charles Garbutt (1834-1874)
James Anlezark (1806-1874)Thomas Ainsworth Anlezark (1771-1834)Ann Starmer (1767-1825)Elizabeth Jane Smith (1817-1837)+Matilda Hawthorn (1821-1880)
Christina Apel (1876-1928)Jens Peder Apel (1839-1929)Christiane Ferdinandsdatter (c1838-1907)John Reid Mackintosh (1869-1953)
Samuel Bachman (1739-1814)Johann Georg Bachman (1686-1753)Anna Maria Schnebelli (1698-1776)Rachel Owen (1744-1823)
Trijntje Bakker (1799-1891)Paulus Bakker (1766-1846)Lijsbeth Schuitemaker (1769-1810)Joannes Jong (1798-1859)
James Henry Blackman (1816-1855)James Blackman (c1792-1868)Mary John (1799-1848)Elizabeth Aldridge (1818-1890)
John M. Boyton (1782-1866)John Boyton (1757-1835)Phoebe Rumbal (?-1835)Ann Miller (1783-1850)+Hannah Bond (?-?)
Esther Brown (1832-1881)James Brown (1797-)Esther Moore (1800-1851)Joseph Gurnsey Brown (1824-1907)
Robert Gamble Cabell (1809-1889)William H. Cabell (1772-1853)Agnes Sarah Bell Gamble (1783-1863)Margaret Sophia Caskie (1823-1867)
John Clapham (c1806)Harriet Dunnill (c1806-aft1880)
William J. Corkern (1810-1870)James Bickham CorkernPherebe Magee (1788-aft1860)Narcissa L.M. Reviere
Harriet Dunnill (c1806-aft1880)Frances Dunnill (c1790)John Clapham (c1806)
Arthur Henry Edmonds (1894-1977)Charles Cramp (1854-1922)Agnes Loudon (1868-1965)Doris Eileen Mabel Bayliss (1902-1978)
... further results

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