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January 25 is the 25th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 340 days remaining until the end of the year (341 in leap years).




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Note: The date "Jan/25/1994" is "commemorated" as a font-character in the (MS Win98) "HM Phonetic" font (@1994) -- possibly its "birthday". (See keymap-code "ctrl-2")

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78 Familypedia people were born on January 25

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Carel Steven Adama van Scheltema (1815-1897)Henricus Nicolaas Adama van Scheltema (1786-1870)Madelaine Petronelle Perrenoud (1785-1816)
Ronald Paul Bangasser (1950-2007)
Tamás Barcsay de Nagybarcsa (1868-1936)Béla Barcsay de Nagybarcsa (1838-c1895)Mária Sándor de Kénos (c1848-c1900)
Sarah Barnard (1694-1756)John Barnard (1657-1732)Elizabeth Stone (1672-1694)
Robert Bolling (1682-1749)Robert Bolling (1646-1709)Anne Stith (1665-1709)
Robert Boyle (1627-1691)Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork (1566-1643)Catherine Fenton (-1629)
Samuel Brigham (1689-1771)Samuel Brigham (1652-1713)Elizabeth Howe (1665-1739)
Hannah Browne (1718-1749)William Browne (1680-1752)Dorothy Giddings (1674-1738)
Anne de Bretagne (1477-1514)François II de Bretagne (1433-1488)Marguerite de Foix (aft1458-1486)
William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Devonshire (1640-1707)William Cavendish, 3rd Earl of Devonshire (1617-1684)Elizabeth Cecil (1619-1689)
Susannah Choate (1805-1887)Samuel ChoateMary Low
Mary Anne Clarke (1838-1919)Henry Clarke (c1793-1842)Sarah Bellamy (1800-1872)
William Henry Conquest (1877-1966)William Henry Augustus Conquest (1831-1925)Eliza Martin (1844-1936)
Richard Goodman Cox (1805-1894)John Cox (c1774-)Martha Goodman (c1774-)
Isabella Elizabeth Cross (1838-1920)William Cross (1797-1845)Elizabeth Stallard (c1801-1844)
... further results

102 Familypedia people died on January 25

 FatherMotherAge at death
William Roberts Abell (1755-1839)David Abell (1722-1781)Alice Roberts (1720-1784)84
Abu al-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad (984-1042)Ismail of Seville, Judge/Iman of Seville
Herbert John Austin (1891-1892)Frank Urquhart Austin (c1854-1916)Catherine Levingston (1856-1942)1
Mary Bailey (1808-1841)Joshua Bailey (1782-)Susanna Boutwell (1773-)
Maria Cornelia Bakker (1856-1932)Leendert Bakker (1825-1866)Gerarda van Steen (1822-1893)76
Robina Watson Balfour (1871-1925)John Bryden Balfour (1835-1900)Christina Ingram Wallace (1850-1887)54
Joshua Ballinger (1762-1814)Samuel Ballinger (1733-1822)Elizabeth Groff (-1786)52
Caroline Sophia Bath (1872-1937)Christopher Bath (1828-1900)Caroline Ann English (1839-1925)65
Anna Alena Bechinie von Lažan (1617-1680)Tobiáš Bechinie von Lažan (c1560-c1632)Anna Bechinie von Lažan (c1592-c1620)63
Daisy Gertrude Bellamy (c1900-1993)George Bellamy (1858-1909)Sarah Elizabeth Robinson (1857-1926)93
Gheorghe Bogdan (1767-1830)Manolache Bogdan (c1730-1778)Maria Costachi (c1745-c1823)
Margaret Brownlow (1834-1921)Francis Brownlow (1786-1859)Mary Moore (1809-1880)87
Charles James Bullivant (1798-1879)James Bullivant (1777-1829)Elizabeth Phillips (bef1797)81
William Catt (1844-1919)William Catt (1812-1889)Winifred Ann Trill (1815-1851)75
Grace Cavanough (1849-1928)Owen Cavanough (1799-1885)Celia Collins (1810-1890)79
... further results

78 Familypedia people were first married on January 25

 FatherMotherJoined with
Divera Doedes (1681-aft1723)Donatus Jacobus (1644-aft1700)GrietjeDirk Bakker Paaij (1675-aft1723)
August von Anhalt-Plötzkau (1575-1653)Joachim Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (1536-1586)Eleonore von Württemberg (1552-1618)Sibylle zu Solms-Laubach (1590-1659)
Johanna Charlotte von Anhalt-Dessau (1682-1750)Johann Georg II. von Anhalt-Dessau (1627-1693)Henriëtte Catharina van Nassau (1637-1708)Philipp Wilhelm von Brandenburg-Schwedt (1669-1711)
Ann Atkinson (1766-)William Atkinson (c1727-1809)Elizabeth Douglas (1734-1819)Thomas Peacock (1760-1822)
Trijntje Backer (-1781)Cornelis BackerJan de Haan (1738-1789)
Cornelis Bakker (1801-aft1824)Cornelis Bakker (1773-1820)Trijntje Roosendaal (c1770-1807)Antje Laan (1791-aft1824)
Sarah Amelia Blackman (1827-1909)William R Blackman (c1800-1854)Sarah Ismena M Cobcroft (1799-1872)Nicholas Paget Bayly (1814-1879)
Anne Boleyn (c1505-1536)Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (c1477-1539)Elizabeth Howard (c1480-1538)Henry VIII of England (1491-1547)
Dorothy Brigham (1721-1796)Jedediah Brigham (1693-1763)Bethiah Howe (1694-1756)Thomas Howe (1710-1796)
Jonas Brigham (1748-1826)Jonas Brigham (1718-1789)Persis Baker (1726-1784)Annah Draper (1749-1802)
Thomas Brigham (1695-1765)Nathan Brigham (1671-1747)Elizabeth Maynard (1664-1733)Sarah Stratton (1695-1775)
Lois Marie Burns (1917-2009)Orris Edward Burns Sr. (1890-1958)Orra Lillian Meader (1896-1979)Arthur B Stevens (1927-2003)
Richard Bush (1696-1732)Samuel Bush (1647-1733)Abigail Lee (1670-)Mary Fairbanks (1699-1743)
Miklós Bánffy de Losoncz (1873-1950)György Bánffy de Losoncz (1844-1929)Irma Bánffy de Losoncz (1852-1875)Aranka Váradi (1885-1966)
Hedwig Capet (1003-aft1063)Robert II of France (972-1031)Constance of Arles (986-1034)Renaud I de Nevers (1000-1040)
... further results

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