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January 7 in recent years
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2008 (Monday)
2007 (Sunday)
2006 (Saturday)
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2004 (Wednesday)
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2000 (Friday)

January 7 is the 7th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 358 days remaining until the end of the year (359 in leap years).

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65 Familypedia people were born on January 7

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
William Roberts Abell (1755-1839)David Abell (1722-1781)Alice Roberts (1720-1784)
Elnathan Allen (1666-1735)Daniel Allen (1635-1706)Mary Wilder (c1634-)
William Amos (1869-1934)William George Amos (1843-1900)Elizabeth Bryant (1843-1877)
Sarah Arndell (1796-1853)Thomas Arndell (1753-1821)Elizabeth Dalton (1766-1843)
Apollonia Bach (1788-?)Johann Georg Bach (1756-1823)Maria Magdalena Eschenbach (1759-1844)
John Bradley Baldwin (1839-1909)Loammi Baldwin (1803-1860)Charlotte Bradford (1805-1882)
Mercy Bangs (1682-)Jonathan Bangs (1640-1728)Mary Mayo (1645-1711)
Joseph I of Spain (1768-1844)Carlo Buonaparte (1746-1785)Letizia Ramolino (1750-1836)
Mary Ann Bowerman (1839-1919)George Bowerman (1818-1872)Mary Anne Martin (1822-1870)
Jan Broersen (1846-1916)Dirk BroersenBregje Koedooder
David Brown (1848-1920)Henry Brown (1820-1881)Eliza Maskey (1820-1881)
Richard Brown (1850-1922)John Brown (1821-1896)Sarah Jane Alcorn (1826-1908)
Phebe Carleton (1724-1842)John Carleton (1689-1734)Hannah Barker (1687-1762)
Thomas Chaseling (1807-1878)Thomas Chaseling (c1772-1847)Margaret McMahon (c1777-1815)
Mary Ann Clarke (1815-1904)Daniel Clarke (1786-1869)Hannah Stanley (1788-1854)
... further results

80 Familypedia people died on January 7

 FatherMotherAge at death
Thomas George Anson, 2nd Earl of Lichfield (1825-1892)Thomas William Anson, 1st Earl of Lichfield (1795-1854)Louisa Catherine Philips (c1800-1879)67
Amelia Jane Archer (1880-1881)Robert Archer (1848-1929)Caroline Cramp (1849-1929)1
Ann Avery (1843-1871)James Avery (c1814-1875)Catherine Heaslip (c1825-1904)28
Edward Blanch (c1787-1860)Robert Blanch (c1753-1831)Elizabeth Brann (1755-1791)73
Edwin Boon (1831-1909)William Boon (1803-1855)Sarah Barrett (c1805)78
Bernard Borsita von Martinitz (1603-1685)Jaroslav Borsita von Martinitz (1582-1649)Maria Eusebia von Sternberg (1584-1634)
Isabella Macarthur Bowman (1834-1883)James Bowman (1784-1846)Mary Isabella Macarthur (1796-1852)49
Lucretia Bradley (1661-1691)Peter Bradley (1628-1662)Elizabeth Brewster (1637-1713)29
Joseph Gurnsey Brown (1824-1907)Ebenezer Brown (1802-1878)Ann Weaver (1806-1842)83
Louis Lafayette BrumfieldThomas Colter "Tom" BrumfieldSaphronia L. Magee
Hugh Frederick Vaughan Campbell, 4th Earl Cawdor (1870-1914)Frederick Archibald Vaughan Campbell, 3rd Earl Cawdor (1847-1911)Edith Georgiana Turnor (1844-1926)44
Millicent de Cantilupe (c1250-c1298)William III de Cantilupe (-1254)Eva de Braose (-1255)48
Mary Capell (1630-1715)Arthur Capell, 1st Baron Capell (1604-1649)Elizabeth Morrison (1613-1660)85
Carlota Joaquina de España (1775-1830)Carlos IV de España (1748-1819)Maria Luisa di Parma (1751-1819)55
Charles Capet (1226-1285)Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)59
... further results

65 Familypedia people were first married on January 7

 FatherMotherJoined with
Dorothea Maria von Anhalt (1574-1617)Joachim Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (1536-1586)Eleonore von Württemberg (1552-1618)Johann von Sachsen-Weimar (1570-1605)
Sarah Bass (1672-1751)John Bass (1630-1716)Ruth Alden (1643-1674)Ephraim Thayer (1670-1757)
Francisco Brillantes (1892-1981)Aquilino Brillantes y JuanicoFrancisca PelagioJosefina Madrid (1902-1976)
Antje Broersen (1743-?)Simon Broersen (1713-?)Trijntje Wortelaar (1720-?)Klaas Jonker (1739-?)
Emeline Cummins (1838-1903)Charles Cummins (1800-1880)Sarah Miller (1800-1871)Green Lee Gore (1831-1899)
Mary Anne Curzon-Howe (1848-1929)Richard William Penn Curzon, 1st Earl Howe (1796-1870)Anne Gore (1817-1877)James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn (1838-1913)
Alfred Davis (1863-1942)Peter Davis (1826-1911)Mary Cox (1830-1890)Fredericka Sophia Davis (1872-1937)
Ralph Curtis Duckett (1900-1991)Parke Curtis Duckett (1876-1911)Mary Ethel Dougherty (1876-1959)Julia Gertrude Pierce (1901-1988)
Charles Filliettaz (1909-c1990)Zsófia Horthy (1928-2004)
Henry FitzRoy (1765-1794)Charles FitzRoy, 1st Baron Southampton (1737-1797)Anne Warren (1738-1807)Anne Wellesley (1775-1844)
John Fox (1856-1917)William Fox (bef1856)Betsy (bef1856)Caroline Louisa Pascoe (1851-1935)
Alexander Fraser (1841-1912)John Fraser (1813-)Sarah Fraser (1810-1903)Margaret Liddle (1841-1912)
Alexander Leech Goodsell (1879-1927)Alexander Letch Goodsell (1854-1908)Ellen Matthews (1860-1937)Margaret Ellen Burke (1881-1963)
Mary Goodspeed (1677-1719)Benjamin Goodspeed (1649-1677)Mary Davis (c1652-bef1718)Ichabod Hinckley (1680-1768)
Green Lee Gore (1831-1899)James Gore (1808-1884)Frances Keaton (c1808-1876)Emeline Cummins (1838-1903)
... further results

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