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Injan Chaimueangchuen (c1930-)
Lien Chaimuangchuen (?-)
Kamin ? (c1930-)
Songsak Chaimuangchuen (1975-)
Saokam Siwiti (c1930-)
Amnoi ? (?-)
Non ? (c1930-)
Jaras Chaimuangchuen (1994-)
Aut Ruasamran (?-?)
Perm Ruasamran (?-?)
Boonmar ?
Soem Ruasamran (c1931-1980)
Sai Ruasamran (?-?)
Thidawan Ruasamran
Chiang ?
Chuen Yuklai (1930-)
Jang Yuklai (?-?)
Gong Yuklai (?-?)
Sin ?

Note: Aut Ruasamran's parents were the same as Sai Ruasamran's paternal grandparents.

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