Jarvis Kenneth Pilkington (1925-2001) Worker (b. April 11, 1925, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA - d. March 22, 2001, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, 89101, USA) Social Security Number 190149790.


Son of Jarvis Henry Pilkington (1906-1984) and Agnes Margaret Bryan (1908-c1965).


He married Sylvia Evelyn Bernstein and had three children. He was also married to Georgia Barnes and to Vivian Lutz.

Memories about Jarvis Kenneth PilkingtonEdit

  • Lorraine Agnes Pilkington (1929- ) said in 1998: "He was 5 years old when he was hit by a rock. He didn't go to war because he was hit by a rock in the shin. He was in the hospital and he was treated with maggots to eat the rotted flesh. He got infected. The wound was covered with sheepskin. Last year [1997] a bone fragment came through and it cost him $45,000 to fix it."