Jean Jacques Lindauer (1770)
Jean Jacques Lindauer II
Sex: Male
Birth: March 17, 1770 (1770-03-17) (248 years ago)
Strasbourg, France area
Father: Jean Jacques Lindauer I (1750)
Spouse/Partner: Sophie Christine Bauer (1778-1834)
Marriage: circa 1795
2nd Marriage: before 1810

Jean Jacques Lindauer II was a merchant in the Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France area. He lived in Rheinbischofsheim, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and later Kehl Dorf, Kehl Stadt, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Name variationsEdit

  • Jean Jacques Lindauer II, in French
  • Johann Jacob Lindauer II, in German



Around 1770.


Tentative siblings:




^ This is the Freudenberg line from New York and New Jersey. The death certificate for Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) has not been found in the New York City archive or the New Jersey state archive. His funeral notice was published in the newspaper so we know the year of his death is correct.


  • Tom Peters of Somerville, New Jersey writes on January 12, 2014: "I think that your Johann Jacob Lindauer probably married in Kehl, Baden. It is not recorded in Strassburg. There was a Johann Jacob Lindauer in Strassburg who married twice, once to Julienne Schutzenberger and then to Marie Madeleine Gunther. This is the one who is the son of Johann Daniel Lindauer and Marie Salome Ackermann. Johann Jacob Lindauer who married Gunther had children at the same time in the same years as your Johann Jacob Lindauer. Your Johann Jacob Lindauer seems to be 3 years older, born ca 1766/1767. Unless Johann Jacob Lindauer was married to 2 different women at the same time, there is an identity problem here. I find an Ernst Maximilian Lindauer born 27 January 1813 in Rheinbischofsheim, Baden. He belongs in this family group of yours. You need to look at the Evangelical Church records of Kehl (dorf), Kehl, Baden and Rheinbischofsheim, Baden to sort all of this out."

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