Jehu Pollard
Sex: Male
Birth: c1655
Death: buried 6/3/1709, Madron, Cornwall
Spouse/Partner: Jone (Joan)

Jehu Pollard was born in approximately 1655, most likely in Cornwall. The details of his parents and siblings are currently unknown.


Jehu married a woman by the name of Jone (or Joan). This has been determined from her mention in the Cornwall Parish Registers in reference to this family, but an exact marriage record is yet to be located.

Jehu and Jone had 5 known children baptised at Morvah in Cornwall.


Jehu was buried in the Penzance Madron parish on the 6th March 1709, the burial record stating that he was 'of Maddern' (another name for Madron). His wife Joan would outlive him by 4 years, buried on the 4th August 1713 at Madron, and listed as a widow.


Name Birth Death
Children of Jehu Pollard

John 11/12/1675
Morvah, Cornwall
before 1684

Florence 28/10/1677
Morvah, Cornwall

William 16/11/1678
Morvah, Cornwall

John 10/08/1684
Morvah, Cornwall

Jacob 01/05/1687
Morvah, Cornwall


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