Jesse Humphrey
Sex: Male
Birth: between 1795-1804 Wilkes Co, NC [1]
Father: Owen Humphrey
Mother: Mary Lea Humphrey [2]
Spouse/Partner: Sarah C Step [3]
Marriage: 12 March 1820 in Burke County, NC[4]

Jesse Humphrey

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Documentation notesEdit

  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from federal censuses and may be verified online by running searches on the given names and dates.



Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Jesse Humphrey (c1799) and Sarah Step
Elizabeth Humphrey (1820) 15 DEC 1820 Robeson, NC
Zebulon Humphrey (1830) 01 MAR 1828 Campbell, GA
Melinder Humphrey (1830) Melinder B 03 JAN 1830 GA
William Humphrey (1835) 01 JUN 1835 Cobb, Sumter, Georgia
Catherine Humphrey (c1823) ca 1823 GA
Gilbert Humphrey (c1824) ca 1824 GA
William Humphrey? (c1825) 1825 GA
John Humphrey (c1830) ca 1830 GA

Points regarding childrenEdit

  • There may be two separate families here. One specified by <SARA C> and <JESSE> records, the other specified by <IGI> records. If there were two williams, this would explain the huge dicrepancy for <SARA C> vs. <IGI>
  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from and may be verified online by running searches on the given names and dates.


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