Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Jesse Humphrey (c1799) and Sarah Step
Elizabeth Humphrey (1820) 15 DEC 1820 [1] Robeson, NC
Zebulon Humphrey (1830) 01 MAR 1828 [2] Campbell, GA
Melinder Humphrey (1830) Melinder B 03 JAN 1830 [3] GA
William Humphrey (1835) 01 JUN 1835 [4][5] Cobb, Sumter, Georgia
Catherine Humphrey (c1823) [6][7][8] ca 1823 GA
Gilbert Humphrey (c1824)[9][10][11] ca 1824 GA
William Humphrey? (c1825)[12][13] 1825 GA
John Humphrey (c1830)[14][15][16] ca 1830 GA

Points regarding childrenEdit

  • There may be two separate families here. One specified by <SARA C> and <JESSE> records, the other specified by <IGI> records. If there were two williams, this would explain the huge dicrepancy for <SARA C> vs. <IGI>
  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from and may be verified online by running searches on the given names and dates.


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