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Joan van Foreest (Hoorn, june 5 1733 – there, december 29 1766) was Governor of the VOC and the WIC. He was also top country of the Beemster

He was born as the son Cornelis van Foreest (1704-1761) en Maria Eva van Akerlaken. On mei 14 1572 he married in Hoorn with his cousin Agatha van Foreest (1733-1801), daughter of Nanning van Foreest (1682-1745) and Jacoba de Vries (1706-1750). They get four children: Maria Eva van Foreest (1753-1820), Joan van Foreest (1762-1825), Nanning van Foreest (1757-1813) and Jacob van Foreest (1767-1826).

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