Baron Johan Cronman
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Sex: Male
Birth: February 2, 1662 (1662-02-02) (356 years ago)
(then called Unanitz)
Swedish Ingria
(now part of Estonia)
Death: July 26, 1737 (age 75)
281 years ago
Malmö, Sweden
Burial: Caroli Church, Malmö
Father: Joachim Cronman (c1635-1703)
Mother: Lunetta Makeléer (1639-1693)
Siblings: Anna Catharina Cronman (1658-1661)
Ursula Cronman (1660-1745)
Carl Cronman (1661-?)
Hedvik Elisabeth Cronman (1663-1699)
Jakob Fredrik Cronman (c1665-1710)
Anna Catharina Cronman (1667-1685)

Baron Johan Cronman (1662-1737) was a lieutenant general and the commandant of the Skåne fortress for the Swedish Empire. He was the Governor of Malmö from 1727 to 1737.[1][2] He was Baron of Alatskivi, Kodafer and Kokora; and Master of Wasuva and Sottkylä. He fought in 13 battles and spoke 8 languages. (b. February 2, 1662; Unanitz, Swedish Ingria (now part of Russia) - d. July 26, 1737; Malmö, Sweden)



He was born on February 2, 1662 in Alatskivi, then called Unanitz. It was then part of Swedish Ingria, which is now part of Estonia.



He never married or had any children.


He died on July 26, 1737 in Malmö, Sweden.



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  • Peter Englund (1957) wrote in The Battle That Shook Europe: Poltava and the Birth of the Russian Empire: Lieutenant with Narva Garrison 1683, Second-Captain with Närke-Värmland regiment 1687, Captain with Zurlauben regiment 1699, Lieutenant-Colonel 1701, Colonel of Kronoberg regiment 1706, captured at Perevolochna, returned 1722, Lieutenant-General of Infantry 1722, Baron 1727, County Governor of Malmohus and Commandant of Skåne Province 1727. Fought in 13 battles, never wounded. Spoke 8 languages: Swedish, Latin, German, Estonian, Polish, Russian, French and Dutch."[3]
  • A plaque at St Petri, Malmö, reads in German: "Ihro Konigl:r Maij:ts Zu Schweden Wolbestalter Generallientenant der Infanterie Landes Hauptman und OberCommendannt der Festungen Zu Schonen Hochwolgebohren Baron H:r Johan Cronman Freijherr Von Alatskivi, Kadaster und Kakara Herr Von Vosuauer Sattkula Gebohren Auf Alatskivi 1662 den 2 Novemb. Gelich Gestorben In Malmö den 26 Julii 1737." It translates into English as: "His Royal Majesty of Sweden recognizes Lieutenant General of the Infantry, Governor and High Commandant at the Fortress of Skåne, Honourable Baron Mr. Johan Cronman, Baron to Alatskivi, Kodafer and Kokora, Master of Wasuva and Sottkylä. Born at Alatskivi November 2, 1662. Died in Malmö on July 26, 1737.
  • A plaque at Caroli Church in Malmö reads: "Hier ligt der weyland hoch geborne herr baron general lieutenant landshauptmann und ober commandant Johann Cronmann. Freyherr von alt und neu Alatskivi. Herr von Kokara und Sottkyl. Anno 1737." It translates into English as: "Here lies Lieutenant General, Baron, Governor, and Commandant Johan Cronmann. Baron of old and new Alatskivi. Lord of Kokora and Sottkylä. Year 1737."
  • Wolfgang Undorf of the National Library of Sweden wrote on July 9, 2012: "The Estonian name for Unanitz seems to be 'Alatskivi'. As for your identification of Vosuauer with Wasuva and Sattkula with Sottkylä, I agree with you. I hold them to be places in today’s Estonia, but haven’t been able to localize them. That should not be impossible a task, but it by far excesses the amount of time I am able to lay down on your question. You may contact the Swedish House of Nobility or the Military Archives of Sweden . Yours sincerely, Wolfgang Undorf, National Library of Sweden."
  • Mall Kivisalu wrote on September 10, 2012: "To find answers, we have consulted with the Institute of the Estonian Language as the history of the Estonian language – including geographical names – is one of the main research as of the Institute: Vosuauer could be called as Vaasovi mõis and Sattkula could be called as Vana-Sõtke mõis."


Johan Cronman (1662-1737) was the eighth great-granduncle of Richard Arthur Norton (1958).

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