Johan Ragnar Kempe (1888-1979) Worker (b. August 26, 1888, Ytterlännäs, Vasternorrland, Sweden - d. September 15, 1979, Daljunkaregården, Falun, Stora Kopparberg, Dalarnas län, Sweden) Personal Code Number 18880826-8950.



Wäija Ångsåg, SwedenEdit

The family appears in the 1890 Census of Sweden living in Wäija Ångsåg, Ytterlännäs parish, Västernorrland lan, Sweden.


He married Alfhild Sofia X (1891-1975). She was born on December 20, 1891 in Vänersborg, Älvsborgs län (now Västra Götalands län). Her Personal Code Number is 18911220-8989.

Death of WifeEdit

In 1970 they lived together in Falun. Alfhild Sofia X died in Falun, Dalarnas län on March 17, 1975.


Johan died in Falun, Dalarnas län on September 15, 1979 and was buried in Sweden.

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