Johann Adam Detterer
Sex: male
Birth: c1730
Spouse/Partner: Margareta Susanna Schmidt
Marriage: 1756

Johann Adam Detterer (c1730-?) was a member of the Doenhof Volga German community in Saratov, Russia. He moved to Doenhof on 21 July, 1766[1] with his wife, Margareta Susanna Schmidt, from Gemmingen in Germany after a brief stay in Denmark. His lineage is known to have continued in the region to at least 1912.


Name Birth Death
Children of Johann Adam Detterer and Margareta Susanna Schmidt

Maria Cristina Detterer 1756

Johann Jakob Detterer 1764

Eva Regina Detterer 1766

Katarina Margareta Detterer 1769

Johann Georg Detterer 1773


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