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Updated February 26, 2001

About Our Family Research

...The oldest ancestor I have been able to locate on the Goldizen side is Private Johann Phillip Goldeiss/Gouldizen/Goldizen. He was a "Hessian" Mercenary for service in North America which was sent to the continent to hire additional armies. Johann sailed to American in 1777 as a member of Major von Reitzenstein's company of the Ansbach Regiment which is an indication that he may have been a career soldier. He served briefly in the garrisons at Staten Island and on Manhattan. He then sailed up the Hudson River as a part of a force sent to relieve pressure on General John Burgoyne, who surrendered before the relief arrived. Johann was a member of a small detachment attacked by the Americans on August 27, 1778 and seems to have conducted himself well. He was taken as a Prisoner of war in October 1781 and in captivity, these troops were marched first to Winchester, Virginia, and then to Frederick, Maryland. When the war ended these men marched back to New York from which they were to embark for Europe. Hoxever, Private Johann, possibly because he was unable to advance his military career, opted to desert the ranks a few days before his scheduled departure....

Tilden, 1942 translates a journal by a Bayreuth soldier, a Hessian mercenary at Yorktown, in the Ansbach Regiment in which Johann Phillip Golidizen also served. A version of this journal is also available through

  • Hessian Diary of the American Revolution

by Johann Conrad Dohla
Translated by Bruce E. Burgoyne

Goldizen family site

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