Johanna Booyson was born 17 January 1857 and died 16 June 1968 of unspecified causes.

Johanna Booyson (January 17, 1857 – June 16, 1968) of Belfast, Transvaal is the official longevity recordholder for South Africa. During the second half of her life, other than the last few years, her country was part of the British Empire. She was first listed as such in the 1968 Guinness Book of Records and, since she was still living, was also briefly the second oldest person in the world. She is her country's only validated supercentenarian, living to 111. At this age she was estimated to have 600 descendants. She was the second-oldest living person in the world when she died, after Narcissa Rickman (1855-1968), who was posthumously validated. She was born as Johanna Maria Drotskie.

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