Johanne Jacobsdatter of Lindtjørn (1795-)
Johanne Jacobsdatter
Sex: Female
Birth: 1795
Lindtjørn, Norway
Father: Jacob Gundersen (1766-1838) of Lindtiørn
Mother: Gitlou Tollaksdatter (1773-1808) of Lindtjørn
Spouse/Partner: Torsten Christophersen (1786-aft1825) of Vetteland
Marriage: February 24, 1814
Rogaland, Norway
Children: Christopher Tostensen (1817-?)
Johanne Torstensdatter (1821-?)
Jakob Torstensen (1824)
Tosten Tostensen (1824)
Thea Johanne Torstensdatter (1825-1864)

1801 CensusEdit

In 1801, Johanne resided with her parents on the Lindtiorn farm near Egersund.
Jacob Gundersen census


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