Johannes Jansen van Ravenswaaij (c1645-1716)

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Johannes Jansen van Ravenswaaij was born circa 1645 in Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands and died 17 December 1716 in Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Liesbeth Anthonissen Raap (c1650-?) 15 March 1673 in Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands.


Offspring of Johannes Jansen van Ravenswaaij and Liesbeth Anthonissen Raap (c1650-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Antony Jansen van Ravenswaaij (1685-?) 10 May 1685 Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands Maria Teunis de Bijl (c1684-)

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Facts about "Johannes Jansen van Ravenswaaij (c1645-1716)"RDF feed
Age at death71 +
Birth blurb1645
Birth date1645 +
Birth date-approxc +
Birth date string1645
Birth latitude52.033 +
Birth localityVeenendaal +
Birth longitude5.55 +
Birth nationNetherlands +
Birth nation-subdiv1Utrecht (province) +
Birth place Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands
Birth year1,645 +
Children-g1Antony Jansen van Ravenswaaij (1685-?) +
Children-list1Antony Jansen van Ravenswaaij (1685-?)
Death blurb17 December 1716
Death date17 December 1716 +
Death date string17 December 1716
Death day17 +
Death latitude52.033 +
Death localityVeenendaal +
Death longitude5.55 +
Death month12 +
Death nationNetherlands +
Death nation-subdiv1Utrecht (province) +
Death place Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands
Death year1,716 +
Desc1Antony Jansen van Ravenswaaij (1685-?) +
Desc2Geertruij Tonissen van Ravenswaaij (1724-?) + and Hendrik van Ravenswaaij (c1728-c1806) +
Desc3Anthonie van Ravenswaaij (c1752-?) +, Albert van Ravenswaaij (1758-1816) +, Hendrik van Ravenswaaij (c1767-1845) + and Cornelis van Ravenswaaij (c1770-?) +
Given nameJohannes +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Joined withLiesbeth Anthonissen Raap (c1650-?) +
Joined with-g1Liesbeth Anthonissen Raap (c1650-?) +
Long nameJohannes Jansen van Ravenswaaij +
Middle nameJansen +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameJohannes Jansen van Ravenswaaij +
SourcesAWT: db: bergsmit, id: I23688
Spouse latitude52.033 +
Spouse longitude5.55 +
SurnameVan Ravenswaaij +
Wedding1 date15 March 1673 +
Wedding1 day15 +
Wedding1 localityVeenendaal +
Wedding1 month3 +
Wedding1 nationNetherlands +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1Utrecht (province) +
Wedding1 place Veenendaal, Utrecht, Netherlands
Wedding1 year1,673 +

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