Johannes von Treiden (bef1605-)
Johannes Von Trieden
Sex: Male
Birth: before 1605
Jõhvi, Estonia
Death: Sompa, Estonia
Father: Wolmar II von Treiden (c1564-?)
Mother: Lucia von Bremen (c1569-?)
Spouse/Partner: Elisabet Diedrichintytär Von Tiesenhausen (bef1605-?)
Marriage: circa 1616
Riga, Latvia
Children: Kristina Hansintytär Von Trieden (c1623-?)
Dorotea von Treiden (bef 1650-?)

Family OriginEdit

The Von Treiden family of Estonia belong to a group known as the Baltic Germans. Treiden is a the German name for the castle known as Turaida in Latvia. The name of the castle is believed to have taken its name from the words Toro Aida (God's Garden) in Livonian. The Turaida castle in Latvia is considered to be one of the most romantic places in Latvia. Notable members of the Von Treiden family include Theoderich von Treyden who was a commander in the Livonian Cruisade.


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