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Early Plymouth Colony settler who arrived in 1621 on the Fortune.

Vital Statistics Edit

  • Birth - 7-Aug-1595 (?) England
  • Married Ellen (or Eleanor) Newtown - who arrived on the Anne in 1623.
  • 11-Nov-1633 - Died at Plymouth Colony in the Great Epidemic of that year. While some records list 11-Nov of 1633. His death inventory is date 24-Oct-1633. His death should have been a little earlier than that.


After the death of John Adams, his widow married Kenelm Winslow. Later Adams families of Plymouth are probably not descendant from this family but most likely from the family of Francis Adams that arrived here much later. (See George Adams, Genealogy of the Adams Family of Kingston, Mass / Boston 1861.)

Children of John and EllenEdit

  • John Adams - son that married 1st) Jane James and 2nd) Elizabeth (?) - probably moved to Flushing, New York.
  • Susan Adams - daughter who disappears from colonial records
  • James Adams - son that married Frances Vassall, daughter of William Vassall. He was known to have issue and interest in the Barbadoes. In 1672 Frances petitioned the Massachusetts court for 150 acres which was returned to the court a year later.

Historical DocumentsEdit

  • John Adams appears on the tax list of 1633
  • After his death, his widow made an inventory of his items (24-Oct-1633)
  • Ellen Adams appears on the tax list of 1634.


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