John Austin


  • Sex: male
  • Born: say 1672 Rhode Island
  • Married:
  • Died: 17 Apr 1752 RI
  • Buried:



Child listEdit

There are probably un-recorded children in this family.

Family historyEdit

1709, John and 11 others bought "Swamptown", 1608 acres. 21 Nov 1716, He and his wife, Mary, sold 105 acres to James Hyams. 1728, North Kingstown, he witness to John Watson's will. 1737, East Greenwich, Freeman. 30 May 1748, West Greenwich, he deeded land to to John. 27 Jun 1752, Inventory shows by son, John. Inventory taken by John Case Jr., and Samuel Hopkins, 12 pounds.


The Genealogy Dictionary of Rhode Island, by John Osborne Austin, 1887

A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Austin of Kingstown, RI, by Edith Austin Moore, 1951

Austin Families Association of America Descendancy - Robert Austin of Kingstown, Washington, RI Link:


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