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  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
John Baldwin (1657-1739) Milford, New Haven County, Connecticut Newark, Essex County, New Jersey John Baldwin (1635-1683) Hannah Birchard (1633-1671) Experience Abell (1653-1705)
John Baldwin (1731) Billerica, Massachusetts, United States John Baldwin (-) Sarah Hill (-) Elizabeth Parkhurst (c1730-)
John Bradley Baldwin (1839-1909) Wilton, New Hampshire, United States Loammi Baldwin (1803-1860) Charlotte Bradford (1805-1882) Jane Olivia Curtis (1842-1866)+Louise Eldredge Perham (1848-1886)+Martha Jane Cole Torrey (1842-1907)
John Finley Baldwin (1915-1966) Oakland, California, United States Washington, D.C., United States John Finley Baldwin (1873-1956) Helen Linekin (1875-1945)
John Henry Baldwin (1877-1948) Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia James Henry Baldwin (1854-1926) Mary Jane Joyce (1855-1921) Agnes Agatha Purcell (1875-1948)
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