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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
John Burke (1813-1894)Joseph Burke (1761-1856)Julia Elizabeth Lloyd (1819-1888)
John Burke (1787-1848)Peter Burke (1756-1836)Anne Dowdall (-1818)Mary O'Reilly (c1787-)
John Bernard Burke (1814-1892)London, Greater London, England, United KingdomDublin, County Dublin, Republic of IrelandJohn Burke (1787-1848)Mary O'Reilly (c1787-)Barbara Frances MacEvoy (-1887)
John Bernard Mary Burke (1892-1917)FranceHenry Farnham Burke (1859-1930)Helena Mary Ray Palmer (-1955)Constance Maria Kirkham (1886-1959)
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