John Calef was born circa 1675 in England to Robert Calef (1648-1719) and Maria Trace (c1648-1719) and died 1748 of unspecified causes. He married Debera King (c1679) . Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.
  • Of: Newbury, Massachusetts; Nottingham and Chester, New Hampshire
  • Born: abt. 1675, England
  • Died: btw. March and May 1748, Chester, New Hampshire
  • Parents:Robert Calef and ♀Maria Trace
  • Married:Debera King, 10 June 1702, Boston, Massachusetts by Mr. Sam Willard
  • Baptised: 18 May 1679, Hingham, Massachusetts
  • Died:
  • Parents:William King and ♀Deborah Prince of Boston


Offspring of John Calef and Debera King (c1679)
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Calef (1701)
John Calef (1703)
Deborah Calef (1705-bef1747)
William Calef (c1706)
Mary Calef (c1708)
King Calef (1711)
Robert Calef (1715)
Joseph Calef (1718-1793) 31 October 1718 Newbury, Massachusetts, United States 21 December 1793 Auburn, New Hampshire, United States Elizabeth Jewell (c1718)

Daniel Calef (1720)
  • by wife Mary:
  1. John Calef, b. 3 June1703, Newbury, Massachusetts.
  2. Deborah Calef, b. 21 January 1705, Newbury, Massachusetts; d. bef. 1747.
  3. William Calef, b.
  4. Mary Calef, b. 4 February 1708
  5. James Calef, b. 31 January 1701
  6. King Calef, b. 5 November 1711
  7. Robert Calef, b. 7 May 1715
  8. Joseph Calef, b. 31 October 1718
  9. Daniel Calef, b. 10 January 1720

Biography detailsEdit

  • John was one of the petitioners for the grant of Nottingham, and a grantor of Chester, N. H.
  • He moved to Chester in 1734, where, when he was sixty, he was granted the "liberty to build a fulling mill at Massabeesek brook, between the two Ponds." He was a much-trusted citizen, being appointed to collect the rates from the Newbury proprietors of Chester, one of a committe to adjust the selectman's accounts, and three times himself selectman. In the division of the Chester church into two camps, Presbyterian and Congregational, he was a leader in the latter; on the committee to choose the minister, to sell seats in the meeting house and to set the salary. When after five years of dissension over theology and church taxes, two parishes were set up, he signed a remarkable report on this settlement to the General Court, stating that "since which time they have proceeded in the most cordial manner and have endeavoured to take the best method the circumstances will admit to raise money for the respective ministers."


Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution by Lorenzo Sabine


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