The location where John Campbell married Elizabeth Walker is a subject of discussion. Our sole data point that speaks to this question is given in White 1902:3, who says:

Subject: Campbells of Kirnan
Date: December 30, 2006 7:46:40 PM EST

Hi All!

Here are five works with some discussion of the "Campbells of Kirnan". The story in White-1902 doesn't quite line up with the Scottish record, but the Kirnan history in Scotland does include an interesting American connection. In addition, Robert Campbell of Kirnan [uncle of the poet] wrote a book called "Life of John, Duke of Argyll and Greenwich". Perhaps this is origin of the Kirnan/Duke of Argyll story?

I agree wholeheartedly with Bill and Jerry, White-1902 is a great springboard into further research and she was totally dependent on her sources - for better or worse. A good case in point - the Campbell of Kirnan story hasn't quite worked out yet, but Emma's Scottish pedigree for the Logan family agrees with all the peerages.


Rev. John Poage Campbell – page 50 “Historic families of Kentucky” By Thomas Marshall Green Published 1889 R. Clarke & co.

Life and Letters of Thomas Campbell – page 7 By William Beattie, Thomas Campbell Published 1850 Hall, Virtue & co.

Memoirs of a Highland Gentleman: Being the Reminiscences of Evander Maciver of Scourie – page 260 By Evander Maciver, George Henderson Published 1905 Printed by T. and A. Constable

Account of the Clan Iver – page 90 By Peter Colin Campbell Published 1873

The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell – page xix By Thomas Campbell, J. Logie (editor).Robertson Published 1907 H. Frowde, Oxford, University Press

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