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John Dale (c1763-1833) was born circa 1763 and died 28 August 1833 in White County, Tennessee, United States of unspecified causes. He married Frances Daniel (c1763-c1810) 1788 in Bedford, Virginia, United States. He married Lucy Britt (c1796-1853) 1813 in Jackson County, Tennessee, United States.

John Dale was born ca 1763 in Virginia. His parents are not known. John Dale was a veteran of the Rev. War. He was also referred to as John Deel in the Rev War according to his Rev War records. His children and other generations go by the spelling of Dale.

John Dale entered the Rev War on 27 Feb 1779 from Fauquier Co., Va. in which he resided. He served at various times throughout the war and his highest ranking was Sergeant. He served with the Virginia troops as follows:

  • From 27 Feb 1779 in Catain Wayles and Howard's Company, Colonial Abraham Buford's regiment, was in the battle of Waxhaws
  • In Colonial Christian Fabiger's regiment as a recruiting sergeant, length of service, eighteen months
  • Three months in Captain Valentine Peyton's company and was in a skirmish at Jamestown
  • Three months in Captain Coleman's company of artillery
  • Three months in Captain William Foster's company.
  • While residing in Prince William County, Va. he served one month under Colonial Henry Lee, and was engaged in opening roads for the baggage wagons of the Army, then on the march to Yorktown to besiege Lord Cornwallis.

John Dale lived in several locations in his lifetime:

  1. 1799--- Fauquier Co., Va.
  2. 1780-1784-- Prince William Co., Va.
  3. 1784-1787--Wilkes Co., Ga.
  4. 1787-1788--Bedford Co., Va.
  5. 1788-1807--Clark Co., Ky.
  6. 1807-1813--Jackson Co., Tn.
  7. 1813-1833--White Co., Tn.

He died 28 Aug 1833 in White Co., Tn.

After his first wife, Frances Daniel, died, John Dale married the second time (25 Feb 1813 in Jackson Co., Tn) to Lucy Britt, who is named in his Rev War records.

His will is dated 24 Aug 1833 in White Co., Tn.


Offspring of John Dale and Frances Daniel (c1763-c1810)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Dale (c1790-1815)
Daniel Dale (c1793-1865)
Janette Dale (c1796-aft1854)
Lucinda Dale (1807-1860)
John Henry Dale (c1808-1847)
Martha Frances Dale (c1810-1849)

Offspring of John Dale and Lucy Britt (c1796-1853)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Julian Dale (c1813-)
Eliza Dale (c1821-)
Mary Melinda Dale (c1823-bef1859)

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Facts about "John Dale (c1763-1833)"RDF feed
Age at death70 +
Alternative names John Deale, John Deel +
Birth blurb1763
Birth date1763 +
Birth date-approxc +
Birth date string1763
Birth latitude
Birth longitude
Birth year1,763 +
Children-g1Elizabeth Dale (c1790-1815) +, Daniel Dale (c1793-1865) +, Janette Dale (c1796-aft1854) +, Lucinda Dale (1807-1860) +, John Henry Dale (c1808-1847) + and Martha Frances Dale (c1810-1849) +
Children-g2Julian Dale (c1813-) +, Eliza Dale (c1821-) + and Mary Melinda Dale (c1823-bef1859) +
Children-list1Elizabeth Dale (c1790-1815)+Daniel Dale (c1793-1865)+Janette Dale (c1796-aft1854)+Lucinda Dale (1807-1860)+John Henry Dale (c1808-1847)+Martha Frances Dale (c1810-1849)
Children-list2Julian Dale (c1813-)+Eliza Dale (c1821-)+Mary Melinda Dale (c1823-bef1859)
Death blurb28 August 1833
Death countyWhite County, Tennessee +
Death date28 August 1833 +
Death date string28 August 1833
Death day28 +
Death latitude
Death longitude
Death month8 +
Death nationUnited States +
Death nation-subdiv1Tennessee +
Death place White County, Tennessee, United States
Death year1,833 +
Desc1Elizabeth Dale (c1790-1815) +, Daniel Dale (c1793-1865) +, Janette Dale (c1796-aft1854) +, Lucinda Dale (1807-1860) +, John Henry Dale (c1808-1847) +, Martha Frances Dale (c1810-1849) +, Julian Dale (c1813-) +, Eliza Dale (c1821-) + and Mary Melinda Dale (c1823-bef1859) +
DescriptionVirginia-born revolutionary soldier who later lived in Georgia and Kentucky then remarried and died in Tennessee
Given nameJohn +
Ifmarried-g1true +
Ifmarried-g2true +
Joined withFrances Daniel (c1763-c1810)+Lucy Britt (c1796-1853) +
Joined with-g1Frances Daniel (c1763-c1810) +
Joined with-g2Lucy Britt (c1796-1853) +
Long nameJohn Dale (c1763-1833) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameJohn Dale +
Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameDale +
Wedding1 date1788 +
Wedding1 localityBedford, Virginia +
Wedding1 nationUnited States +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1Virginia +
Wedding1 place Bedford, Virginia, United States
Wedding1 year1,788 +
Wedding2 countyJackson County, Tennessee +
Wedding2 date1813 +
Wedding2 nationUnited States +
Wedding2 nation-subdiv1Tennessee +
Wedding2 place Jackson County, Tennessee, United States
Wedding2 year1,813 +

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