The following tree shows all of the ancestors of John Earl Borland who came to settle in Ohio. Many of the ancestoral lines, however, have been traced back for many more generations (as indicated by the green arrows).

James Borland (1792-aft1850) [1]
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James Borland II
James Borland II (1835-1903)
Mary McQuiston (1795-1854) [2]
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James Carruthers Borland in Store
James Carruthers Borland (1877-1943)
Ninean Y. Walker (bef1799-aft1820) [3]
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Oliver Hazard Perry Walker (c1814-1877)
Catharine unknown (c1794-aft1860) [4]
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Catherine Jane Walker (1848-1928)
Tabitha Burgess (1821-1906) [5]
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Borland-Weldon 001a
Weldon Earl Borland (1906-2002)
Harrison Miller Grave
Harrison Miller (1818-1894) [6]
(parents unknown)
Samuel Hoobler Miller
Samuel Hoobler Miller (1851-1912)
Mordecai Wheeler (c1787-bef1873) [7]
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Mary Ann Wheeler (1821-1858) grave
Mary Ann Wheeler (1821-1858)

Keziah Murray Gill Wheeler Grave

Keziah Murray Gill (1795-1873) [8]
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Lizzie Alberta Miller 01
Lizzie Alberta Miller (1875-1975)
Daniel Smith (1774-1856) [9]
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John P. Smith Hannah Welch Grave
John Peregoy Smith (1822-1903)
Elizabeth Peregoy (1781-1866) [10]
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Mary Jane Smith (c1851-c1940)
Mary Jane Smith (1850-1946)
unknown Welch (c1790-c1827) [11]
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John P. Smith Hannah Welch Grave
Hannah Welch (1824-1901)
Margaret unknown (c1793-1858) [12]
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John Borland
John Earl Borland I (1924-1986)
James Forbes (1798-1863) [13]
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John C. Forbes (1833-1900)
Elizabeth Johnston (1803-1858) [14]
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Nancy Agnes Nelson (1776-1862)
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Francis Morrison Forbes 01
Francis Morrison Forbes (1869-1945)

Alexander Morrison (1808-1853) grave

Alexander Morrison (1808-1853) [15]
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Nancy E. Morrison (1844-1871) grave
Nancy E. Morrison (1844-1871)

Sarah Ann Johnston (1811-1888) grave

Sarah Ann Johnston (1811-1888) [16]
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Elizabeth Marie Forbes (1905-1983)
Elizabeth Marie Forbes (1905-1983)

Thomas Price (1775-1856)


Christopher Price (c1753-1833) [17]
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Mary Hatfield (c1753-c1833) [18]
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James Price (1799-1894) drawing
James Price (1799-1894)

Sarah Rippeth (c1776-1840)

William Rippeth Revolutionary War Memorial

William Rippeth (c1754-1843) [19]
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Sarah Ross (c1758-1844) grave

Sarah Ross (c1758-1844) [20]
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Rezin Millings Price (1840-1923)
Rezin Millings Price (1840-1923)
Isaac Holmes (1764-1851) [21]
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Mary Clunn (c1734-1812)
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Mary Holmes (1801-1865)

Elizabeth McNabb (1772-1857)


George McNabb (c1746-1818) [22]
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Martha Shepherd (1752-1825) [23]
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Pearl Beatrice Price
Pearl Beatrice Price (1874-1940)

George Kail (1775-1852)


Peter Kail (1751-1816) [24]
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Christina Seltzer (c1752-aft1800) [25]
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Gabriel Sells Kail (1814-1888) grave
Gabriel Sells Kail (1814-1888)

Mary Capper (1778-1861) grave

Mary Capper (1778-1861) [26]
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Virginia Elizabeth Kail (1847-1917) grave
Virginia Elizabeth Kail (1847-1917)

Mary (Harper) Kail

Mary Elizabeth Harper (c1828-1890) [27]
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Ancestry Prior to Ohio MigrationsEdit

  1. ^ James Borland is the son of Samuel Boreland, who immigrated from Northern Ireland, and Lydia Gregg, who is believed to descend from a Quaker family, which also has its roots in Northern Ireland several generations back.
  2. ^ Mary McQuiston is the first generation of her family born in America. Her parents John McQuiston and Barabara Arthurs immigrated from Northern Ireland to Pennsylvania. No further information is available at this time regarding her ancestors.
  3. ^ Ninean Walker was likely born either in Pennsylvania or Scotland. Little is known regarding his life, as he died at a relatively young age. Ninean definitely married his wife Catharine in Pennsylvania, as Catharine and their only known child Oliver report being born in Pennsylvania in later censuses. The area of Pennsylvania where this Walker family is believed to have resided is Washington County.
  4. ^ Catharine poses a problem, since her maiden name is unknown at this time. However, it is certain that she was born in Pennsylvania, and it is suspected that she was married to Ninean Walker in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Catharine's nationality is unknown.
  5. ^ Tabitha Burgess came to America from Wales, presumably with her parents. The Burgess family likely lived in Pennsylvania after coming to the United States, although no traces of Tabitha's parents have yet been found.
  6. ^ Harrison Miller is the biggest missing link in John Borland's Ohio genealogy, as his parents are presently unknown, and he was born in Ohio. In the 1880 census, Harrison reports that his father was from Pennsylvania, and his mother was from Virginia. It is believed that Harrison's ancestors are ultimately of German nationality, with the possible exception of his paternal grandmother, who is suspected to have descended from an early colonial family.
  7. ^ Mordecai Wheeler descends from early Maryland colonists who came to America many generations before Mordecai's birth. It is believed that many of his ancestors were Quakers.
  8. ^ Keziah Gill, like her husband, also descends from early Maryland colonial families.
  9. ^ Daniel Smith is the son of Andreas Schmitt (who is believed to have immigrated from Switzerland to Maryland). Daniel's mother is presently unknown. She may have been from an early Maryland colonial family, or she have been a German-speaking immigrant. She married Daniel's father in Maryland.
  10. ^ Elizabeth Peregoy descends from early Maryland colonists. She is believed to be a mixture of English and French nationalities.
  11. ^ This Welch family came from Harford County, Maryland, prior to migrating to Ohio.
  12. ^ Margaret was born in Harford County, Maryland. Her maiden name is presently unknown.
  13. ^ James Forbes was an immigrant from Northern Ireland. He resided for some time in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, prior to migrating to Ohio.
  14. ^ Elizabeth Johnston was the daughter of Thomas Johnston and Nancy Nelson. Nancy Nelson survived Thomas and came to Ohio with her son Francis, after Thomas' death. Elizabeth's ancestors are believed to have immigrated from Northern Ireland.
  15. ^ Alexander Morrison grew up in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. His ancestors are believed to have immigrated from Northern Ireland. Alexander's father was probably named Daniel Morrison.
  16. ^ Sarah Johnston was an immigrant from Northern Ireland. She is not of any known blood relation to Elizabeth Johntson (mentioned above).
  17. ^ Christopher Price descends from early Maryland colonial families. He is believed to be closely related to Mordecai Wheeler (mentioned above).
  18. ^ Mary Hatfield was born in England. Her family is believed to have resided in London. The name of Mary's father was John Hatfield.
  19. ^ William Rippeth reports being born in Prussia (which encompasses the lands of several modern nations). His nationality is uncertain, as his name may have been Americanized upon immigration.
  20. ^ Sarah Ross was the daughter of Abraham Ross (of unknown origin) and Jannetje Van Der Beek. Jannetje descends from the Dutch of New Amsterdam.
  21. ^ Isaac Holmes is believed to be entirely of English ancestry, his ancestors having primarily settled in central New Jersey. The Holmes family came from England to colonial New England several generations back, and played an important role in the history of Rhode Island. Isaac's mother Mary Clunn came from New Jersey to Ohio with Isaac, after the death of her husband.
  22. ^ George McNabb was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania during colonial times.
  23. ^ Martha Shepherd was born in Shepherdstown, Virginia, and her father was believed to have founded the town. Martha's father descends from English immigrants to colonial Maryland. Martha's mother is a mix of Dutch, German, French, and possibly other nationalities.
  24. ^ Peter Kail was born in Berks County, Pennsylvania. His ancestors were German.
  25. ^ Christina Seltzer has been referred to as Katrina in many documents. However, she had a sister named Catharine, which has caused some confusion. Christina's parents immigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany.
  26. ^ Mary Capper was born in Frederick County, Virginia. Mary's mother appears to have immigrated from Northern Ireland, while her father was likely born in Virginia or Pennsylvania, of Northern Ireland ancestry.
  27. ^ Mary Harper is of Northern Irish descend. Her father was an immigrant from Northern Ireland, and her mother was born in Pennsylvania (probably Philadelphia), also of Northern Irish descent. Mary's parents are believed to be Andrew Harper and Mary McDermott-Roe, as this couple was the only Harper family in the 1830 census of Washington, DC, where Mary reports having been born in a later census.

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