John Emery Adams (1805-1890)

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Vital StatisticsEdit


Their marriage is not listed in Andover ME, so I believe they were married in Warrensville, OH

More of their genealogy is found here:

Children of John Adams & Belinda BellEdit

  1. Sarah Moody Adams (b1830)
  2. John Emery Adams (b1833)
  3. Harriett B Adams (1836-1919) - m. William Warren - res Warrensville, Ohio
  4. Alantha M. Adams (b1841)
  5. Lillis D Adams (b1844)
  6. Mary B Adams (b1845)
  7. Leonia Sophia Adams (b1847)

Famous Ancestors:Edit

President John Adams ???


1850 US CensusEdit

Shows John living in Warrensville OH (Ocp: Farmer, Age 45) and Belinda (age 40 - born in NY) with children; Sarah (20), John E (17), Harriet (14), Anatha (8), Lillis (6), Mary (4) and Aloria (Leonia - age 2). All children born in Ohio.

1870 US CensusEdit

Shows John (age 64 - born in Maine) and wife Belinda (age 59 - born in Canada) at home in Warrensville OH with daughter Laurie (Leonia - age 23 - born in Ohio)

1880 US CensusEdit

Shows John (age 64) and Belinda (age 68) living (farmers) by themselves in Warrensville, OH.

John - born in Maine, Father born in MA and Mother born in MA

Belinda - born in Canada, Father born in NY and Mother born in VT

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