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Title (Name for event): Battle of Lebanon
Kind of event military service
tags: Civil War, Morgan's raid
People involved in event (those in primary role) John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864), Basil Wilson Duke (1838-1916),Thomas Hines (1838, 1898),
People involved in event: Thomas Hunt Morgan (1844-1863)
Date: 1863/07/05
Event date calendar Gregorian
Event building or landmark name, street-address line(s) Railroad depot
Event (for wedding, see wedding) Lebanon, Kentucky
Event county (parish, etc.) Marion County, Kentucky
Event State (province, etc.) Kentucky
Event Country United States
Event Latitude / Longitude (decimal preferred) 37° 34' 14", -85° 15' 23"
Wikipedia articles on John Hunt Morgan and Morgan's raid
The page holding this data John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864)/battle of lebanon