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John III the Pious, the Grocer-King Capet-Aviz of Portugal, King of Portugal, King of the Algarves, was born 7 June 1502 in Lisbon to Manuel I of Portugal (1469-1521) and Maria of Aragon (1482-1517) and died 11 June 1557 in Lisbon of unspecified causes. He married Katharina of Castile (1507-1578) 10 February 1525 . Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rurik (c832-879), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Byzantium, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belarus, the Netherlands, England, the Byzantine Empire.


Offspring of John III of Portugal and Katharina of Castile (1507-1578)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Afonso of Portugal (1526-1526)
Maria Manuela of Portugal (1527-1545)
Isabel of Portugal (1529-1529)
Beatriz of Portugal (1530-1530)
Manuel of Portugal (1531-1537)
Filipe of Portugal (1533-1539)
Dinis of Portugal (1535-1537)
João of Portugal (1537-1554) 3 June 1537 Évora 2 January 1554 Juana of Spain (1537-1573)

António of Portugal (1539-1540)

Offspring of John III of Portugal and Isabel Moniz
Name Birth Death Joined with
Duarte of Braga (1521-1543)

Common ancestors of John III of Portugal (1502-1557) and Katharina of Castile (1507-1578)

  1. Afonso of Braganza (1377-1461)
  2. Alfonso Enríquez de Castilla (1354-1429)
  3. Beatriz of Portugal (1347-1381)
  4. Constance of Castile (1354-1394)
  5. Eleanor de Alburquerque (1374-1435)
  6. Eleanor of Aragon (1358-1382)
  7. Fadrique Enríquez (c1390-1473)
  8. Ferdinand II of Aragon (1452-1516)
  9. Fernando I of Aragon (1380-1416)
  10. Henry III of Castile (1379-1405)
  11. Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504)
  12. Isabella of Braganza (1402-1465)
  13. Isabella of Portugal (c1428-1496)
  14. John I of Castile (1358-1390)
  15. John II of Aragon (1397-1479)
  16. John II of Castile (1405-1454)
  17. John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (1340-1399)
  18. John, Duke of Aveiro (1400-1442)
  19. Juana Enriquez de Córdoba (1425-1468)
  20. Katherine of Lancaster (1372-1418)
  21. Sancho de Albuquerque (1342-1374)


Namesakes of John III of Portugal (1502-1557)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
John V of Portugal (1689-1750) Lisbon Lisbon Pedro II of Portugal (1648-1706) Marie Sofie von Pfalz-Neuburg (1666-1699) Maria Anne Josepha of Austria (1683-1754) + Luísa Clara de Portugal (1712-?) + Madalena Máxima de Miranda (c. 1690-?) + Mother Paula de Odivelas (c. 1690-?)
John, Duke of Aveiro (1400-1442) John I of Portugal (1357-1433) Philippa of Lancaster (1360-1415) Isabella of Braganza (1402-1465)
John I of Portugal (1357-1433) Lisbon Lisbon Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367) Teresa Lourenço (c1330-?) Philippa of Lancaster (1360-1415)+Inês Peres Esteves (c1350-c1400)
John III of Portugal (1502-1557) Lisbon Lisbon Manuel I of Portugal (1469-1521) Maria of Aragon (1482-1517) Katharina of Castile (1507-1578) + Isabel Moniz
John I of Braganza (1543-1583) Teodosius I of Braganza (1510-1563) Isabel of Lencastre (1513-1558) Catherine of Guimarães (1540-1614)
John IV of Portugal (1604-1656) Vila Viçosa, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal Teodósio II of Braganza (1568-1630) Ana de Velasco y Téllez-Girón (1585-1607) Luisa de Guzmán (1613-1666)
John VI of Portugal (1767-1826) Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon, Portugal Pedro III of Portugal (1717-1786) Maria I of Portugal (1734-1816) Carlota Joaquina de España (1775-1830)

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