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John Joseph White was born 18 February 1835 in London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom to Joseph White (1801) and Susannah Mary Wintle (1809-) and died 15 October 1917 in Footscray, Victoria, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Agnes Fairbairn Turnbull (1834-1889) 5 July 1859 .

Joseph senior was a Master Mariner, born in England about 1801. His two eldest sons, Sam and Josh, became masters in sail.

Josh was also a shipwright (builder of ships) and attained the rank of mariner. Sam brought his Mother, sister and brothers to Australia and with Josh ran a trading service between Australia and New Zealand.

Josh built ships and Sam either sold them or sailed them in their trading business.


Offspring of Agnes Turnbull and John Joseph White (1835-1917)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maggie Weddell Turnbull White (1860-1930) June 1860 East Grinstead, Surrey, England Victoria, Australia Gustav Adolph Eustace Heinrich Schmode

Josephine Susan Sadie White (1862)


1. John Joseph 1832 - 13-10-1917 2. Joseph (Josh) 1846 - 6-12-1913 3. Harry 1848 4. Charles -1850 5. Edward (Ted) 1853 NZ 6. Ellen 1856 -

Namesakes of John Joseph White (1835-1917)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
John White (c1830-c1859) Pennsylvania, United States of America Pennsylvania, United States of America Ruth Ann Adams (c1833-)
John White (1854-1939) Pennsylvania, United States Hollidaysburg, Blair County, Pennsylvania, United States John White (c1830-c1859) Ruth Ann Adams (c1833-) Mary Catherine Burgoon (1859-1954)
John Joseph White (1835-1917) London, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom Footscray, Victoria, Australia Joseph White (1801) Susannah Mary Wintle (1809-) Agnes Fairbairn Turnbull (1834-1889)

Sources and notes

† Baptism
  • St. George's in the East


  Whitefamily, Robin Patterson, Fiona Turnbull

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