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On the baptism certificate: born on 12th November, 1802, the baptism on 22nd September 1805 and it was Church of England. Father Henry Kable, mother Susannah Kable.

On marriage certificate: Only John Kable and Eliza Dyel married 15th August 1825 at St Matthews, Windsor and registered at St. Matthews, Windsor, E.

On the death certificate: John was listed as a farmer, male 56 years, died of apoplexy caused by habits of intemperance. Father was Henry Kable and mother was Susannah Holmes. The informant was J. Dowe, Coroner, District of Windsor. He was buried 31st May 1859 in St Matthews' Burial Ground, Windsor and the undertaker was Thomas Collison. The burial was witnessed by John Montgomery and Francis McDonall. Listed as born in Windsor and had married Eliza Caton. (Julia Kable, in her book listed below, provides clear evidence that Eliza Dyel and Eliza Caton were one and the same person - and that the name Caton was from her step-father who was known as Keaton/Keating and Caton amongst other variations.)


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