Early Mayflower passenger who died in the first harsh winter at Plymouth_Colony. Servant to Christopher Martin. No Known descendants.

Christopher Martin (ca. 1582-1620/21) was a Pilgrim and signer of the Mayflower Compact.

Christopher Martin was born on an unknown date prior to 1582. He married Mary Prower, a widower, in Great Burstead, Essex, England in February 1606 or 1607. Mary Martin was born around 1580, in the vicinity of Great Burstead, Billericay. She had a son, named Solomon Prower (?-1620), from her previous marriage. She later bore Martin a son, whom they named Nathaniel, born in February 1609 or 1610, also in Billericay. Another servant, John Langemore (?-1621) came with them.

When they sailed to America, Mr Martin, was first governor of the Mayflower and a leader of the Strangers that joined the Pilgrims headed to Plymouth Colony.

Christopher Martin, Mary Martin and her son Solomon came to America on the Mayflower, but all died during the first winter in Plymouth Colony, during 1620-21.

From Bradfords Journal Edit

Record made circa 1651 by Gov Wm Bradford about the Mayflower passengers:

Mr Christopher Martin, and his wife, and 2 servants, Solomon Prower and John Langemore.

Mr Martin, he and all his, dyed in the first infection, not long after the arivall.

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