John Long
Sex: Male
Birth: Cornwall, England
Baptism: 20/11/1784 Gwennap, Cornwall
Death: Sep Q 1838 Redruth District, Cornwall
Father: John Long
Mother: Jane (Jenefer) Bawden
Spouse/Partner: Margaret Bray
Marriage: 30/9/1804 Gwennap, Cornwall

John Long was baptised on 20th November 1784 in Gwennap, Cornwall, England. His parents were John and Jane Long (nee Bawden). At this stage, only two siblings for John have been found, a sister Jenefer and a sister Mary. John was the youngest of the three siblings.


John married at aged 19 to Margaret Bray, who was known by the name of Peggy. The couple married in Gwennap on 30th September 1804, and witnesses to the marriage were a William Bray and George Moyle. John signed his name on the register, and Peggy marked with a cross.

The couple settled in Gwennap and had 8 known children there. John is recorded against some of the baptisms as a miner, and on others as a labourer. They are recorded at St Day parish for the earlier births, but St Mary's is recorded as their parish for later baptisms.


It is known that John died before the year 1841 as he is not listed in the 1841 census for Cornwall, and his wife Peggy is listed as independent. The most likely burial recorded for him is on the 6th October 1836, in the Gwennap district, with the residence being recorded as Carharrack. The age of this John was recorded as 53 years, which matches the age of our John.  Peggy would outlive him by 20 years.


Name Birth Death
Children of John & Margaret Long

William baptised 30/12/1804
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall

Julianna baptised 19/03/1810
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall
Greenplains, South Australia

John baptised 27/10/1813
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall

Joseph baptised 13/02/1816
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall

Catherine baptised 13/10/1818
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall
Nailsworth, South Australia

Mary baptised 01/08/1821
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall

James baptised 09/03/1823
baptised Gwennap, Cornwall