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Four or more generations of descendants of John Lyon, 8th Lord Glamis (1544-1578) if they are properly linked:
1. John Lyon, 8th Lord Glamis (1544-1578)

2. Jean Lyon (c1556-bef1610)
3. William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton (1582-1648)
4. Margaret Douglas (1610-1678)
4. Anne Douglas (bef1612-1667)
4. Robert Douglas, 8th Earl of Morton (bef1616-1649)
4. Mary Douglas (bef1622-)
4. James Douglas, 10th Earl of Morton (bef1639-1686)
5. James Douglas, 11th Earl of Morton (bef1660-1715) (more)
5. Robert Douglas, 12th Earl of Morton (bef1661-1730) (more)
5. George Douglas, 13th Earl of Morton (1662-1738) (more)
4. Isabel Douglas (c1621-1672)
5. Grizel Graham (-1728) (more)
5. Anne Graham (-aft1704) (more)
5. James Graham, 3rd Marquess of Montrose (1657-1684) (more)
5. Charles Graham (-1674) (more)
2. Elizabeth Lyon (c1558-?)
2. Jean Lyon (c1563-c1608)
2. Sibilla Lyon (c1566-aft1579)
2. Patrick Lyon, 1st Earl of Kinghorne (1575-1615)
3. Anne Lyon (c1595-1637)
3. John Lyon, 2nd Earl of Kinghorne (1596-1646)
4. Marie Lyon (?-1639)
4. Joan Lyon (c1641-?)
4. Patrick Lyon, 3rd Earl of Kinghorne and Strathmore (1643-1695)
5. John Lyon, 4th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (1663-1712) (more)
5. Jeane Lyon (1666-?) (more)
5. Elizabeth Lyon (c1646-1739) (more)
5. Patrick Lyon (1669-1715) (more)
5. Grizell Lyon (c1669-?) (more)
5. Charles Lyon (1679-1692) (more)
4. Jeane Lyon (1644-?)
4. Elizabeth Lyon (c1646-?)
3. Patrick Lyon (c1600-?)
3. Frederick Lyon (c1602-1660)
3. James Lyon (c1604-bef1641)
3. Jean Lyon (c1606-bef1618)

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