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 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
John "Jackie" Magee (1795-1862)North Carolina, United StatesPike County, Mississippi, United StatesJacob Magee (c1760-1816)Mary Scott (c1763-1836)Clarissa Magee (c1800-bef1840)+Anna Eliza Tynes (1806-)
John Magee (c1742-c1802)Edgecombe CountyDuplin CountyWilliam McGhee (1689-1747)Elizabeth McCulloughSarah Ann Moore (c1745-1795)
John Magee (1792-1877)South Carolina, United StatesClifton, Washington Parish, Louisiana, United StatesWilliam Magee (1762-1837)Mary Margaret James (1771-1867)Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)
John Magee (1887-1934)Calvin Obed Magee (1850-1907)Leona Elizabeth PigottPearlie Johnson (1889)
John Magee (c1760-c1826)North CarolinaPike CountyJohn Magee (c1742-c1802)Sarah Ann Moore (c1745-1795)Bethany Scott (c1767-)
John H. Magee (1827-1910)Washington Parish, Louisiana, United StatesIda, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, United StatesJohn Magee (1792-1877)Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)Margaret Ann Russell (1835-1906)
John Lafayette Magee (1874-1952)Washington ParishBrookhaven, Pike CountyJeremiah Magee (1829-1891)Margaret Ann RobertsEdith Stella Jenkins
John Warren Magee (1845-1895)WASHINGTON PARISHWASHINGTON PARISHBenjamin Magee (c1798-1847)Terry Ginn (1801-1858)Olivia Jane Andrews
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