John Magee was born 13 January 1792 in South Carolina, United States to William Magee (1762-1837) and Mary Margaret James (1771-1867) and died 6 October 1877 in Clifton, Washington Parish, Louisiana, United States of unspecified causes. He married Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889) 18 December 1817 in Marion County, Mississippi, United States. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899), Rurik (c832-879). Ancestors are from the United States, England, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Italy.


Offspring of John Magee and Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jacob Magee (1818-1909) 29 August 1818 Washington Parish 28 December 1909 Washington Parish Lenora Morgan
Mary Ann Daniels (1821-1901)

Sarah Magee (1821-1900) 15 October 1821 Clifton, Washington Parish 12 March 1900 Levi Harrison Bankston (1816-1900)

Mary Magee (1820-1857) 1820 Clifton, Washington Parish 4 August 1857 Amite County Hampton Burris

Elizabeth Magee (1823-1874) 11 November 1823 Washington Parish 28 May 1874 Washington Parish Thomas Carroll Bickham

John H. Magee (1827-1910) 14 October 1827 Washington Parish, Louisiana, United States 21 February 1910 Ida, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, United States Margaret Ann Russell (1835-1906)

George Magee (1829-1877) 30 October 1829 Washington Parish 5 March 1877 Washington Parish Amanda Caroline Burris

Dorcas Magee (1831-1857) 15 April 1831 Washington Parish 26 July 1857 Washington Parish John Quincy Brumfield

Rebecca Magee (1846)
Fleet Magee (1835-1883) 23 June 1835 Pike County 3 October 1883 Washington Parish Lozanne Wood
Sarah (a slave woman)

William W. Magee (1840-1918) 17 November 1840 Washington Parish 31 January 1918 Franklinton, Washington Parish Vanda S. Collins
Margaret Pritchard (1843-1903)
Lucy Jane Amacker (1845-1913)

Celia Magee (1842-1894) 23 May 1842 Washington Parish 3 March 1894 Washington Parish Samuel Joseph Warren

Common ancestors of John Magee (1792-1877) and Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)

  1. (Mary) Ann(e) Hodges (c1700)
  2. Anne Branch (c1678-c1742)
  3. George Branch (1630-1688)
  4. Joseph Moore (c1699-c1753)
  5. Sarah Ann Moore (c1745-1795)

Namesakes of John Magee (1792-1877)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
John "Jackie" Magee (1795-1862)North Carolina, United StatesPike County, Mississippi, United StatesJacob Magee (c1760-1816)Mary Scott (c1763-1836)Clarissa Magee (c1800-bef1840)+Anna Eliza Tynes (1806-)
John Magee (c1742-c1802)Edgecombe CountyDuplin CountyWilliam McGhee (1689-1747)Elizabeth McCulloughSarah Ann Moore (c1745-1795)
John Magee (1792-1877)South Carolina, United StatesClifton, Washington Parish, Louisiana, United StatesWilliam Magee (1762-1837)Mary Margaret James (1771-1867)Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)
John Magee (1887-1934)Calvin Obed Magee (1850-1907)Leona Elizabeth PigottPearlie Johnson (1889)
John Magee (c1760-c1826)North CarolinaPike CountyJohn Magee (c1742-c1802)Sarah Ann Moore (c1745-1795)Bethany Scott (c1767-)
John H. Magee (1827-1910)Washington Parish, Louisiana, United StatesIda, Caddo Parish, Louisiana, United StatesJohn Magee (1792-1877)Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)Margaret Ann Russell (1835-1906)
John Lafayette Magee (1874-1952)Washington ParishBrookhaven, Pike CountyJeremiah Magee (1829-1891)Margaret Ann RobertsEdith Stella Jenkins
John Warren Magee (1845-1895)WASHINGTON PARISHWASHINGTON PARISHBenjamin Magee (c1798-1847)Terry Ginn (1801-1858)Olivia Jane Andrews

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