From: John Gray
Date:Tue Jan 6, 1998
Content:My Jefferson Co., WV (VA) connection is with the SLYH family of Harper's Ferry/Bakerton. Oldest known on my line and first in the area is J. Frederich SLYH, d. 1800 who left a wife Christianna, and sons Mathias & Henry, and a daughter Mary Ann, wife of Thomas MELVIN. Mary Ann & Thomas are buried at Old Dust Crossing, a cemetery I have yet to locate.

The old property is now owned by a distant cousin, Donna Kidwiler, and is called Alta Vista. My primary goal is to find Dust Crossing Cemetery. The cemetery was copied years ago but my SLYHS are not listed; only Mary Ann & Thomas MELVIN along with their family.

From:Bruce Warnock
Date: 29 Oct 1998 12:00 PM GMT
Content:My wife is a MELVIN and we were in Uvilla looking for cemeteries on this past September 22nd. There are two in Uvilla on Rte 230, one a Lutheran on the east side of the road and another Methodist across the street. Also, we believe we located the Melvin Cemetery at Dust Crossing, just a short bit down 230 at the corner of Melvin Road. While we have the inscription list on Melvin, we do not have one on the two others. We found a good genealogy room at the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library, and their genealogist is Keith Hammersla, who you can email at Keith has been very helpful to us and has many cemetery inscription books. Good luck.

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