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Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of John Messerly (1868) and Carolina Messerly (1864)
Katharine Messerly (1894) Sept. 1894 [1] Zanesville, Ohio
Caroline Messerly (1896) Sept. 1896 [2] Zanesville, Ohio
Theodore Messerly (1898)Theodore J. [3] Oct. 1898 [4] Zanesville, Ohio no male issue
John Messerly (c1901) John D. c1901 [5] Zanesville, Ohio 28 Oct 1958 Zanesville No records past 1930
Walter Messerly (1903) Walter C. [6] 1903 [7] Zanesville, Ohio 26 Dec 1964 Zanesville never married
Clarence Messerly (1906) Clarence F.[8] 1906 [9][10] Zanesville, Ohio 20 Jun 1967 Ross County never married

Points regarding ChildrenEdit

  • 1920 Census John, Walter, ,Theodore (21), Clarence Fay E. (age 20) present. Father James prob. dead.
    • Fay E. Messerly is listed as Daughter in law. (probably married to Theo, since they are both gone, and not the other boys in 1930.)
  • 1930 Census John D., Walter C, and Clarence F. all with mother, listed as laborers.
  • Clarence death record has him in a VA hospital. Was a WWII veteran, enlisted in 1940 for the Phillipines.
  • Clarence enlistment records show his term of service is 7 years. He enlisted in 1940 for Philippines service at (age 34). If he really did go there, chances are he was in the Philippines when the Japanese overran it. His serial # 15013289 . Grammar school only, single.


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