John Miller (c1748-1826)
John Miller
Sex: Male
Birth: circa 1748
Death: 1826
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Delaney (c1750-bef1840)
Children: John Miller II (aft1778-aft1830)
Elizabeth Miller (aft1778-aft1824)
Samuel Miller (aft1779-aft1824)
Catharine Miller (c1784-aft1850) (possible)
Sarah Miller (aft1785-bef1824)
Mary Miller (c1791-1853)
Esther Miller (1793-1863)
Hannah Miller (c1800-aft1845)

John Miller was the founder of one of the earliest Miller families of Harrison County, Ohio.


John was born around 1748.


Around 1778, John married Sarah Delaney (c1750-bef1840).

Children by Sarah DelaneyEdit

John's WillEdit

John Miller (c1748-1826)/will

Virginia in the 1780sEdit

This Miller family may have resided in Virginia in the 1780s, as a Catharine Miller (born 1784), residing next door to Hannah (Miller) Skelly, reports being born in Virginia. However, it is possible that this Catherine is not a daughter, but rather a daughter-in-law of John Miller. In particular, she may be the wife of John Miller II and mother of Harrison Miller whose father was worn in Pennsylvania and mother in Virginia. Further research is required.

Pennsylvania in the 1790sEdit

This Miller family resided in Pennsylvania throughout the 1790s, where daughters Mary (born circa 1791), Esther (born circa 1793) and Hannah (born circa 1800) were born.

1820 CensusEdit

John Miller appears in the 1820 census of Green Township, Harrison County, Ohio. A reconstruction of the household is as follows:

Land records indicate that the family lived on Section 9 in Green Twonship.


John died May 12, 1826 in Harrison County, Ohio, where he is burried in Beech Spring Cemtery in Green Township.