John Morrissey
Birth: August 18, 1892 (1892-08-18) (126 years ago)
Death: December 30, 1953 (age 1950)
123 years ago
Father: Thomas Morrissey I (1863-1928)
Mother: Catherine Mary Hogan (1864-1941)
Siblings: Thomas Morrissey II (1889)
Winifred Agnes Morrissey (1890-1985)
Richard Morrissey (1894-1895)
Mary Morrissey (1896-1898)
Thomas Morrissey III (1898-1919)
Spouse/Partner: Mary Duffy (1893-1956)
Marriage: circa 1918
Children: Mildred Morrissey (1918-1946)
Richard John Morrissey (1918-2001)
Mary Morrissey (1920-1932)
Catherine Morrissey (1923-?)

John Morrissey (1892-1953) Worker (b. August 18, 1892, Manhattan, New York County, New York City, New York, USA - d. December 30, 1953, Manhattan, New York County, New York City, New York, USA)




He married Mary Duffy (1893-1956) of Kilmovee, County Mayo, Ireland. She died in August of 1956. They married around 1917.


  • Mildred Morrissey (1918-1946) who married Charles Rice, an Episcopal priest, and she died of tuberculosis. They lived in Greenville, New York and had no children. Charles never remarried after the death of his wife.
  • Richard John Morrissey (1918-2001) was born on November 23, 1918, and married Madlyn Helen Pucci (1920-1982). He was a New York City police officer for 26 years and an investigator for the State of Vermont for 18 years. He died on August 5, 2001. She was from Jersey City, New Jersey and Clinton, New Jersey and was a registered nurse. They met in California in 1943 and were married in 1944. They had 4 children.
  • Mary Morrissey (1920-1932) who died as a youth at age 12.
  • Catherine Morrissey (1923-?) aka Kay, who married Daniel W. McEnerney I (1921-1994) and had 5 children.
  • Thomas Morrissey who resides in NY. He is married to Yolanda Trippi. They have two children.
  • Winifred Morrissey who died about 10 years ago. She was married to Harry Cossin, who is also deceased. They lived in New York on Long Island, until they moved to Florida in the 1970's. They had seven children.
  • John Morrissey who lived and died in Woodside, New York. He was married very briefly, and they had no children.
  • Eileen Morrissey who married and later divorced Neal Casey of Ireland. They lived in Connecticut. Both are deceased. They had 7 children,
  • Joan Morrissey who married Tom Guinta.

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