John Northey
Sex: Male
Birth: 1819
Germansweek, Devon, England
Death: YYYY
Father: John Northey, Sr. (?)
Mother: Jenny (?)
Spouse/Partner: Mary Ezelbe
Children: 3

John Northey (1819-?) was an Englishman who lived during the 19th century. He worked most of his life as a bargeman but also found employ as a publican.


Birth and childhoodEdit

Early adulthoodEdit

  • Married in 1841 (under John's name) or 1842 (age 23; under Mary's name)?
First child, Mary, born in 1843
  • Look for info on marriage record that may lead to clues about birth or 1841 whereabouts (see 1841 John possibility)

In 1851, the household of John (32) and Mary (44) included Mary (8), Sarah (6), and Elizabeth Jane (<1) in Beertown (Beer Ferris), Devon, where he worked as a bargeman.[1]

By 1861, most of John (42) and Mary's (52) children were out on their own. Living with them was daughter Elizabeth (10) and lodger Peter Doidge (82), a widower [born 1779 at Calstock, Cornwall, England]. The family still resided in in Beer Ferris, and John was now captain of a barge at work.[2] On 5 January 1867, John attended the marriage of daughter Sarah Jane Northey in Beer Town. He was employed at this time as a publican[3]

In 1871, John (56) and Mary (66) were empty-nesters in Beer Ferris, housing lodger William Dawe. John was still working as a bargeman.[4][nb 1]

Mature adulthood and deathEdit

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  1. ^ Birth dates here are slightly different than as seen elsewhere, but place and job match.

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