John Rowe
Sex: Male
Birth: 1784
Beaufort County, North Carolina
Death: 1843
Beaufort County, North Carolina
Father: Robert Rowe (1755-1832)
Mother: Elizabeth Hartley (1768-1984)
Spouse/Partner: Mary Ann Lewis (1786-1870)
Children: Asa Rowe (1806-1890)
Feriby Rowe (1808-1902)
Willis Rowe (1814-1876)
Lewis Rowe (1815-1863)
Robert Rowe (1816-1895)
Elizabeth Rowe (1820-1895)
Carrowan Rowe (1823-1906)
Joshua Rowe (1823-1914)
Celia Rowe (1825-1848)
Isaiah Woodard Rowe (1835-1919)

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