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John NMN Sexton


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John Sexton served with the Tenth Virginia Regiment Continental Line

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John appeared on the 1840 census in Greene County, Tennessee and is listed as being 79 years old. He was a war pensioner and involved in agriculture, manufacturing and trade. His wife is listed in the household as being between 70 and 80 years old.


John married Mary Gilbert on 4 March 1780 in Bedford County, Virigina. Mary was born in 1765 in Bedford County, Virigina and died in Cocke County, Tennessee.


  • Twin 1 Sexton was born about 1780.
  • Twin 2 Sexton was born about 1780.
  • William Sexton was born about 1781.
    • William married Elizabeth Cock in Grayson County, Virginia.
  • Benjamin Sexton was born about 1781.
    • Benjamin married Nancy Taylor in Grayson County, Virginia.
  • Elizabeth Sexton was born about 1783.
    • Elizabeth married James Cook.
  • Gilbert D Sexton was born on 9 Dec 1786.
  • Henry Sexton was born about 1790.
  • George Sexton was born in 1792.
    • George married Julia in Grayson County, Virginia.
  • Elijah Sexton was born about 1798 in Virginia 6 and died after 1860.
  • Judith Sexton was born on 15 Jul 1794.
    • Judith married John Cronwall. John was born on 11 Sep 1794.
  • Hiram Sexton was born on 8 Mar 1802.
    • Hiram married Sorena in Meeting Street, Edgefield, South Carolina.
  • Nancy Sexton was born in 1803.
    • Nancy married Jacob Cutshall in Tennessee.
  • Lorenzo Drew Sexton was born in 1805.

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