Personal factsEdit

  • Sex : Male
  • Born: December 11, 1873 at ?, Alabama
  • Died: March 20, 1944 at ?
  • Burial: unknown at present
  • Occupation: Believed to have worked with the L&N Railroad



  • Father: Alfred Meredith
  • Mother: Sally Conliffe


none known at this time

First SpouseEdit

  • Name: Theodosia Holt
  • Married: unknown date

Second SpouseEdit


By Theodosia Holt -
Samuel Alfred Meredith (1897-1989)

By Margaret Manley -
Margaret Meredith (1903-1980)
John Thomas Meredith, Junior (1905-1994)
Andrew Ransom Meredith (1906-1993)
Sarah Louise Meredith (1908-1985)
Nellie Meredith (1910-1989)
Mark Meredith (1914-1918)
Charles J Meredith (1916-1918)
James C Meredith (1918-1977)
Sarah Ellen Meredith (1920-1969)
Mary Evelyn Meredith (1921-1921)
G E Meredith (1922-)
M A Meredith (1930-)

Sources and notesEdit

Family documents & conversations

Public recordsEdit

1880 US Federal Census
1910 US Federal Census
1920 US Federal Census

Other recordsEdit



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10th GenerationEdit


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