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John Calef was born 22 January 1868 in Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States to John Low Calef (1818-1891) and Laura Ann Davis (1826-1916) and died 31 May 1917 in Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States of unspecified causes. He married Annie Belle Warren (c1868-1934) circa 1889 in Plaistow, Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Ancestors are from the United States.
  • Of: Haverhill and Lynn, Massachusetts
  • Born: 22 Feb 1869, Haverhill,Essex Co.,Massachusetts,U.S.A.
  • Died: 31 May 1917, Lynn,Essex Co.,Massachusetts,U.S.A.
  • Buried: Pine Grove Cemetary, Lynn, Massachusetts.
  • Parents:John Low Calef and ♀Laura Ann Davis
  • Married:Annie Belle Warren abt. 1889, Plaistow, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA
  • Born: Abt 1868, Brownfield, Maine
  • Died: 22 Oct 1934, North Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA
  • Parents:


Offspring of John Calef and Annie Belle Warren (c1868-1934)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Roy Calef (1890-1925)
Ethel Gertrude Calef (1891-1891)
Ralph Franklin Calef (1893-1974)
Bessie M Calef (1895-?)
Marion M Calef (1896-1994)
Gertrude M Calef (1897-1929)
Abbie B Calef (1899-1965)
Alfred Warren Calef (1900-1948) 27 October 1900 Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States 5 May 1948 Boston, Massachusetts, United States Emma Ann Kopp (1903-1994)

Walter W Calef (1903)
Nelson H Calef (1904)
Ester R Calef (1909-?)
  • by wife Annie Belle
  1. John Roy Calef b. 29 Aug 1890, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. abt 1925, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  2. Ethel Gertrude Calef b. 27 Nov 1891, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. 1891, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  3. Ralph Franklin Calef b. 06 Jul 1893,Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. 31 Aug 1974, Lynn, Massachusetts
  4. Bessie M Calef b. Apr 1895, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  5. Marion M Calef b. Jul 1896, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. 14 Apr 1994
  6. Gertrude M Calef b. Dec 1897, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. 01 Jan 1929, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  7. Abbie B Calef b. May 1899, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. 1965
  8. Alfred Warren Calef b. 27 Oct 1900, Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, d. 05 May 1948, Boston, Massachusetts
  9. Walter W Calef b. 1903
  10. Nelson H Calef b. 1904
  11. Ester R Calef b. 1909

Biographical detailsEdit

  • The 1910 Census lists the Calef Family at 13 Friend Street Place, and John's Death Certificate lists his address as 39 Friend Street Place today called Dexter Street. After looking at the 1924 Lynn, Massachusetts map, it would be apparent that these two homes on Friend Street Place were demolished for the construction of the E.J. Harrington Elementary School.
  • The census also lists his occupation was paperhanger.


Lynn Daily Evening Item June 1, 1917

  • John Washington Calef - A painter and paperhanger, died at his home, 39 Friend Street Place, suddenly, on Thursday, after an illness of about a day. Death was due to paralysis of the heart and Bright's disease. He was born in Haverhill, the son of John L. and Laura A. Calef, about 49 years ago, but has been a resident of Lynn for 25 years. He was employed by the Phelan estate for the past five years and was a member of Painters' and Decorators' local, 111, and formerly was vice president of the organization. He is survived by a wife, Mrs. Annie B. (Warren) Calef and 12 children. Mrs. Marian A. Sturtevant and Mrs. Abbie B. Sturtevant of Haverhill, John R., Ralph, Franklin, Bessie M., Gertrude M., Alfred W., Walter H., Nelson J., Ethel H., Annie, Esther and Edwin Alvin Calef, all of Lynn.


1917 Lynn City Directory, Calef John W (Annie B) paperhanger h 10 Daniel pl

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Facts about "John Washington Calef (1868-1917)"RDF feed
Age at death49 +
AncestryUnited States +
Birth blurb22 January 1868
Birth countyEssex County, Massachusetts +
Birth date22 January 1868 +
Birth date string22 January 1868
Birth day22 +
Birth latitude
Birth localityHaverhill, Massachusetts +
Birth longitude
Birth month1 +
Birth nationUnited States +
Birth nation-subdiv1Massachusetts +
Birth place Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
Birth year1,868 +
Children-g1John Roy Calef (1890-1925) +, Ethel Gertrude Calef (1891-1891) +, Ralph Franklin Calef (1893-1974) +, Bessie M Calef (1895-?) +, Marion M Calef (1896-1994) +, Gertrude M Calef (1897-1929) +, Abbie B Calef (1899-1965) +, Alfred Warren Calef (1900-1948) +, Walter W Calef (1903) +, Nelson H Calef (1904) + and Ester R Calef (1909-?) +
Children-list1John Roy Calef (1890-1925)+Ethel Gertrude John Roy Calef (1890-1925)+Ethel Gertrude Calef (1891-1891)+Ralph Franklin Calef (1893-1974)+Bessie M Calef (1895-?)+Marion M Calef (1896-1994)+Gertrude M Calef (1897-1929)+Abbie B Calef (1899-1965)+Alfred Warren Calef (1900-1948)+Walter W Calef (1903)+Nelson H Calef (1904)+Ester R Calef (1909-?)lson H Calef (1904)+Ester R Calef (1909-?)
ContributorsUser:Dougkast + and User:Robin Patterson +
Contributors-display stringDougkast and Robin Patterson
Death blurb31 May 1917
Death countyEssex County, Massachusetts +
Death date31 May 1917 +
Death date string31 May 1917
Death day31 +
Death latitude
Death localityLynn, Massachusetts +
Death longitude
Death month5 +
Death nationUnited States +
Death nation-subdiv1Massachusetts +
Death place Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States
Death sources* John W Calef Death Certificate.
Death year1,917 +
FatherJohn Low Calef (1818-1891) +
Given nameJohn +
Ifmarried-g1true +
ImageJohn Washington Calef +
Joined withAnnie Belle Warren (c1868-1934) +
Joined with-g1Annie Belle Warren (c1868-1934) +
Middle nameWashington +
MotherLaura Ann Davis (1826-1916) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexM +
Short nameJohn Calef +
SkillsPaperhanger +
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Spouse latitude
Spouse longitude
SurnameCalef +
Wedding1 countyRockingham County, New Hampshire +
Wedding1 date1889 +
Wedding1 date-approxc +
Wedding1 localityPlaistow, New Hampshire +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1New Hampshire +
Wedding1 place Plaistow, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Wedding1 year1,889 +

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