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John Willcox II
Sex: Male
Birth: November 19, 1777
in Chatham County, North Carolina
Death: January 1, 1852
in Telfair County, Georgia
Burial: Old Willcox Burreying Ground,
Rhine, Dodge County, Georgia
Father: John Willcox I
Mother: Rebecca Butler
Spouse/Partner: Mary Lea
Marriage: August 27, 1798 in Pittsboro, Chatham County, North Carolina

A native of North Carolina, John moved with his family to south central Georgia between 1806 and 1808. He had the unique distinction of seeing 6 of his sons serve in the Georgia state legislature. I beleieve he operated a pole boat at one time. He may have been involved in the Battle of Breakfast Branch, but I know his sons James and Mark (for whom Wilcox County is named) were. His family had a large house which lasted many years after his passing until it was destroyed by a tornado. The Passing of the Pines and Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia include more information about him that I cannot recall. This article will no doubt be significantly improved once I am able to review those volumes.


Name Birth Death
Children of John Willcox II and Mary Lea

Mark Lea Willcox May 3, 1799
Chatham County, North Carolina
January 2, 1852
Telfair County, Georgia

Joseph Willcox October 21, 1801
Chatham County, North Carolina
November 17, 1803
Chatham County, North Carolina

James Lea Willcox October 30, 1803
Chatham County, North Carolina
July 16, 1861
Wilcox County, Georgia

Lewis Barge Willcox August 21, 1804
Chatham County, North Carolina
March 3, 1842

George Willcox October 11, 1806
Chatham County, North Carolina
November 6, 1857

Woodson Willcox September 4, 1808
Pulaski County, Georgia
September 8, 1868
Telfair County, Georgia

Nancy Willcox June 13, 1810 or January 15, 1810
Telfair County, Georgia

Thomas Lea Willcox February 17, 1812
Telfair County, Georgia
April 25, 1879
Lumber City, Telfair County, Georgia

John Willcox III January 20, 1814
Telfair County, Georgia
December 16, 1880
Telfair County, Georgia

Rebecca Willcox October 2, 1817
Telfair County, Georgia
November 28, 1858
Pulaski County, Georgia

Mitchell Griffin Willcox September 13, 1819
Telfair County, Georgia
March 27, 1876
Rhine, Dodge County, Georgia

Mary Willcox March 23, 1821
?? ??, 1902

Clark Willcox June 21, 1823
Telfair County, Georgia
August 24, 1901

Elizabeth Willcox November 28, 1826
Telfair County, Georgia
November 10, 1870
Dodge County, Georgia



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