John Williams Cringan (1833-1910)

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John Williams Cringan (1833-1910)
Sex: Male
Birth: 1833
Death: 1910


Name Birth Death

Served in the 24th Virginia Cavalry, Confederate States Army during the Civil War, according to website of Virginia Civil War Home Page, 24/Feb./98.

Shown as John W Cringan [John Cringan] in 1900 United States Federal Census; documentation confusing & incorrect; shows this John W. Cringan as 37 years, born Nov. 1833, married 37 years, having a spouse H C Cringan 37 years old and a son John W. Cringan 23 years old!!!! Census Roll: T623_1713 Page 1A Enumeration District: 113, Laurel Industrial School, Henrico Va.

Both his father & mother born in Virginia.

Spouse H C married 1863

lived at Laurel Industrial School in Henrico Va. in 1900.

Spouse H C and son John W. lived there too.

A John W. Cringan is listed in JAMA Dirstory of Deceased American Physicians, died Nov. 22, 1910, in Arrington, Va. JAMA 55:2078; he was an Allopath = allopathy: that method of medical practice which sought to cure disease by producing a condition of the system either different from or opposite to the condition produced by the disease. I think it was this man and not his son.


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