John Wright Fooshe (December 26, 1815 - December 25, 1888), a native of Abbeville County, South Carolina, was the son of John Fooshe (1781-1843) and Anna Smith (1788-1839). He married in Abbeville Co. on November 6, 1838 Martha Ann Richardson (1820-1883), daughter of Dudley Richardson (c1789-1826) and Henrietta Fooshe (1790-1839).

Fooshe and his wife raised a family of six children all born in Abbeville Co.:

1. Henrietta Fooshe (1839-1915)

2. John Coleman Fooshe (1842-1927)

3. James Dudley Fooshe (1844-1940)

4. Lucy Ann Fooshe (1845-1910)

5. William Louis Fouche (1849-1926)

6. Robert Richardson Fooshe (1851-1915)

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