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Four or more generations of descendants of John de Lacy, 1st Earl of Lincoln (c1192-1240) if they are properly linked:
1. John de Lacy, 1st Earl of Lincoln (c1192-1240)

2. Maud de Lacy, Countess of Lincoln (1223-c1287)
3. Isabel de Clare (c1240-1271)
3. Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester (1243-1295)
4. Isabel de Clare (1263-1333)
4. Joan de Clare (1264-aft1302)
4. Gilbert de Clare, 8th Earl of Gloucester (1291-1314)
4. Eleanor de Clare (1292-1337)
5. Hugh le Despenser, 2nd Baron le Despencer (c1308-1349) (more)
5. Gilbert le Despenser (c1309-1381) (more)
5. Edward le Despenser (c1310-1342) (more)
5. Isabel le Despenser (1312-c1371) (more)
5. Elizabeth le Despenser (c1325-1389) (more)
4. Margaret de Clare (1293-1342)
5. Joan Gaveston (1312-?) (more)
5. Margaret de Audley (1318-1347) (more)
4. Elizabeth de Clare (1295-1360)
5. William de Burgh (1312-1333) (more)
5. Isabel de Verdun, Lady Ferrers of Groby (1317-1349) (more)
5. Elizabeth d'Amory (1318-1361) (more)
3. Thomas de Clare (1245-1287)
4. Maud de Clare (c1276-1327)
5. Roger de Clifford, 2nd Baron de Clifford (1300-1322) (more)
5. Idoine de Clifford (c1300-1365) (more)
5. Robert de Clifford, 3rd Baron de Clifford (1305-1344) (more)
4. Gilbert de Clare (1281-1308)
4. Richard de Clare (aft1281-1318)
4. Margaret de Clare (1287-c1333)
5. Margerey de Badlesmere (1306-1363) (more)
5. Maud de Badlesmere (1310-1366) (more)
5. Elizabeth de Badlesmere (1313-1356) (more)
5. Giles de Badlesmere (1314-1338) (more)
5. Margaret de Badlesmere (1315-aft1344) (more)
3. Bogo de Clare (1248-1294)
3. Margaret de Clare (1250-1312)
3. Rose de Clare (1252-1317)
4. John de Mowbray, 2nd Lord Mowbray (1286-1321)
5. John de Mowbray (1310-1361) (more)
5. Christiana de Mowbray (c1312-1362) (more)
5. Alexander de Mowbray (c1314-c1391) (more)
3. Eglentina de Clare (?-1257)
2. Edmund de Lacy, 2nd Earl of Lincoln (c1227-1258)

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